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Aloha, I’m Vern!

Vern and Mali“Aim for Awesome!” is about visiting, moving to, and living in Hawaii in 2016, some of the most inspiring and beautiful islands on the planet.

I decided back in 2006 to make this website because, like many people that visit one of the islands, I was infatuated with the place since arriving at Honolulu International Airport. I knew I was in a magical world. When I stepped out of the plane I was numb. I was overcome with a reality that had escaped me for the eighteen years I spent in the frigid cold winters of Pennsylvania. I didn’t understand why everyone in the world didn’t pack their things and move to the Hawaiian islands pronto!

On this website I’ve written some helpful articles for tourists and those of you considering moving to and living in the Hawaiian Islands. Sometimes you’ll share my viewpoint and other times you won’t. I encourage you to leave comments either way. If you’re looking for my bio, it’s here – Bio.

On a personal level, I love exercise, photography, video, and doing my best to keep my family healthy, safe, and prosperous.

If you are in Hawaii or moving there soon, and you want to write about your experience – contact me. I’d like to feature some of you who want to write about your experience.

If you take nice photos of Hawaii and don’t mind if I put them at this site (with credit to you, of course) – contact me, I’d love to look through them.

If you take good video and know how to upload them to YouTube, and don’t mind me using them for this site – with credit – contact me.

Enjoy the articles you find here, and leave as many comments as you can stand writing. If you have any questions at all, just send me your note via this form.

Aloha and best of life to you!

Vern L.

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  • Steve

    Vern, really like the website! Great comments on Seth Godin’s blogpost…

    Best wishes for continued success. I will be “checking in” from time to time. -SD-

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