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“Aim for Awesome!” is about living in Hawaii, moving here, or at least visiting some of the most stunningly beautiful islands on the planet.

I decided back in 2006 to make this website because, like many people that visit one of the islands, I was infatuated with the place since my United Airlines 747 flight landed at Honolulu International Airport. I knew I was in a magical place. When I stepped out of the plane I was numb. I was overcome with a reality that had escaped me for the 18 years I spent in the frigid cold winters of Pennsylvania. I didn’t understand why everyone in the world didn’t pack their things and move to the Hawaii islands.

If you are in Hawaii or moving to Hawaii and you want to write about your experience – contact me.

If you take nice photos of Hawaii and don’t mind if I put them at this site (with credit to you, of course) – contact me.

If you take good video and know how to upload them to YouTube, and don’t mind me using them for this site – with credit – contact me.

I’ve tried to write helpful articles from a unique viewpoint. Sometimes you’ll share my viewpoint and other times you won’t. I encourage you to leave comments either way and begin a dialogue between us.  If you’re looking for my bio, it’s here – BIO.

On a personal level, I love exercise, photography, video, and trying my best to keep my family healthy, safe, and prosperous.

Philosophy of Life

All my life I’ve laughed more than ANYONE I’ve known. I’ve had more fun in my life than a person has a right to. I noticed after about age 30 that my friends weren’t laughing that much anymore. And now, in my mid-forties, I’m lucky to see spontaneous laughter once a week from some of them. That’s downright distressing.

In my own private logic (the place in my head where I work things out and come to conclusions) I believe I need to help others add laughter to their lives. I couldn’t imagine life without laughing everyday. I really enjoy helping others laugh and have a good time. I love to change seriousness to smiles. I love to watch people I’m with begin to realize that life is just a game. It’s a game we’re playing 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, 4.2 weeks per month, and you know the rest of it.

Life is NOT meant to be serious. It is a game of epic proportions. Can you imagine the detail that went into creating all the rules and variables of this game? Fascinating! Who created it? Who knows. Not me. Did you? You neither? We’ve been left with no definitive explanation. I try to smile my way through the good and the bad, despite not knowing why we’re all here playing this game.

I’m continually blown off my feet when I realize what a monumental game this all is. It’s blissful and catastrophic all at the same time. It’s intricately detailed with rules and expected behavior that leads to stagnation and boredom – if one isn’t careful.

So – we’ve gotta be smart about this game. We’ve gotta keep ourselves happy and help others become happy too. I noticed that if I’m happy – I make others happy. If others are happy – I’m happy too. It’s a nice circular happy-happy. I like to spend time with others that are usually happy, it makes me happy, are you happy? See how it’s coming back to “SMILES” again? It always does…

Enjoy the articles, and leave as many comments as you can stand writing. If you have any questions at all – zap me a mail at: AimforAwesome ~ at ~ gmail / com.

Aloha and best of life!


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About Vern Lovic

Aloha! I'm "Vern". I created this site to focus on Hawaii - all the islands - Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island and even Molokai and Lanai and Kahoolawe when I can find information on them. I love living in Hawaii, and I think you would too. I hope you come away with something positive as a result of visiting Aim for Awesome. Feel free to add comments or contact me through email. All written content on this site by Vern Lovic. Contact me at Google+. Best of Life to You in 2013 - Aloha!

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  • Vern, really like the website! Great comments on Seth Godin’s blogpost…

    Best wishes for continued success. I will be “checking in” from time to time. -SD-