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Big Announcement Coming Today / Tomorrow

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There are actually 3 big things coming up that we’re going to share with you – all of them free. All of them helpful if you are interested in visiting or living in Hawaii. We have been giving a lot of thought to this website over the holidays, and our traffic has jumped up considerably.

In 2013 we will make this site a priority and see how big we can make it.

The first BIG announcement will come within 24 hours. We’re going to give away something that has made us thousands of dollars… so anyone can enjoy it. You’ll see what we mean shortly…



One Response to “Big Announcement Coming Today / Tomorrow”

  1. Michelle Zoodsma says:

    So maybe I missed an article…but what was the big announcement? Or – as long as I’m asking – the “3 big things coming up”? Dying to know :-)

    I read your book before I moved to Maui (have been here 14 months, and just as happy as the day I arrived). Among the hundreds (thousands?) of things I read in my pre-move research, your book was one of the most straightforward and helpful.

    Love your blog!


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