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Helpful Hawaii Links

Here is a page of links for other Hawaii-focused sites that I’ve used and had recommended to me in the past from people I trust. Your experience may vary, but probably you’ll like them too!

Oahu Farmers’ Markets List – because everyone needs to get fresh fruits and vegetables in Hawaii, and pay as little for them as possible. Buy island grown foods!

Maui Country Farm Tours – from the slope of Haleakala volcano in Makawao, Maui – Marilyn helps visitors to see another lovely side of Hawaii – the country!

Maui Vacations – Reviews and photos of Maui hotels, condos, restaurants, sights, and activities.

Guided Maui Hikes – Erik takes you through some of Hawaii’s most amazing natural beauty during hikes on the island of Maui.

Kahuku Superette – Never thought I’d link to a supermarket’s FB page, but then again I never thought I’d have Ahi Poke as good as this place makes it. I was a regular there every week – rain or shine, for over a year. Awesome limu and shoyu poke!

I Am Aloha! – Chad Ramsey’s site about living on Maui


Other Top Articles About Hawaii (NY Times; Wiki; Travel & Leisure):

Okeeffe’s Hawaii – (NY Times)
Hawaii on a Dime – Keeping cash in your pocket while visiting the islands (NYT)
Slideshow – On Big Island and Kauai without a Big Budget (NYT)
Molokai, Hawaii – A land faithful to its roots (NYT)
Family Visits Molokai Ranch – (NYT)
Secluded Molokai – (NYT)

Hawaii’s Food Revolution – (Travel and Leisure)

Wikipedia’s Hawaii – filled with info, of course!

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