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Hawaii Forum?

Would you use a Hawaii forum here if we install it?

I realize that many people like forums, and that they help get a lot more information out there to be shared… but, is there a need for one here? Please respond… Thanks! Aloha!

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About the author: Moving to Hawaii was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done. I strongly encourage you to consider it if you’re in the financial position to do so. Living in Hawaii has a fair bit of both positive and negative experiences. Read some of the articles here and try to get a feel for whether you might thrive in the islands. Best of luck and life to you! Aloha!

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  • Joy

    My husband and I are hoping to live part time, winter, on Kauai, possibly starting in January 2014. We are retired so we’d just live the life of snowbirds. Anyone else adopt the snowbird life? I’d love to hear people’s experiences.

  • The key, is having interesting topics. But yes, I think it would be useful, thanks.

    • Thank you Monae for your input!

  • I think so. Sounds like a good idea. ~ Aloha.

  • Susan


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