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Moving to Hawaii 2014 – The Book! (eBook)

This has consistently been the top selling ebook at Amazon in 2011-2013 – about Moving to Hawaii.


Just updated for 2014 with new information and available at Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble and others. The name of our new book is –

“Moving to Hawaii 2014 – The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Moving to Hawaii 2013 has been replaced by the newly revised version – “Moving to Hawaii 2014 and is available at the links below at a very reasonable price (under $5).

Moving to Hawaii is something that many people dream about – but few actually follow through with and move to the islands.

Why is that?

I think those that don’t move are afraid of the unknown… and not sure they have a good idea what living in Hawaii full-time would be like.

What would the reality of Hawaii – life on a rather remote set of islands – be like?

So I wrote this guide to attempt to answer all your questions about moving to one of the Hawaii islands for retirement, or just to start a new life.

If you or a friend is considering a move to Hawaii – do get this very affordable guide – and let us know how it served you.

If you need more information before deciding to buy the book – here is the 1st of 4 videos I did, reviewing the chapters of one of the previous iterations, “Living in Hawaii 2011″. I cover a fraction of the information in the videos that is in this new revised for 2014 book. Aloha!

Part 2 – Moving to Hawaii Book Review

Part 3 – Moving to Hawaii Book Review

Part 4 – Moving to Hawaii Book Review

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