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Moving to Hawaii 2014 – The Book! (eBook)

Moving to Hawaii - Good, Bad, and Ugly eBook by Vern Lovic

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This has consistently been the top selling ebook at Amazon in 2011-2014 – about Moving to Hawaii Now it is FREE just for joining our newsletter list.

NOW UPDATED FOR 2014 and free!

Just updated for 2014 with new information and available at Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble and others. The name of our new book is –

“Moving to Hawaii 2014 – The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Moving to Hawaii 2013 has been replaced by the newly revised version – “Moving to Hawaii 2014 and is available at the links below at a very reasonable price (under $5).

Moving to Hawaii is something that many people dream about – but few actually follow through with and move to the islands.

Why is that?

I think those that don’t move are afraid of the unknown… and not sure they have a good idea what living in Hawaii full-time would be like.

What would the reality of Hawaii – life on a rather remote set of islands – be like?

So I wrote this guide to attempt to answer all your questions about moving to one of the Hawaii islands for retirement, or just to start a new life.

If you or a friend is considering a move to Hawaii – do get this very affordable guide – and let us know how it served you.

If you need more information before deciding to get the book – here is the 1st of 4 videos I did, reviewing the chapters of one of the previous iterations, “Living in Hawaii 2011″. I cover a fraction of the information in the videos that is in this new revised for 2014 book. Aloha!

UPDATE – the book is now FREE! Just click here to sign up for our newsletter and get your free copy.

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  • Samaresh Paul

    Hey man I am a medical student. I have a degree in medical laboratory technology. Is there is any job in hawai? Should I move to hawai? I am a bachelor guy 22 yrs old

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