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Personal Care Aide – Caregiver Job in Honolulu

There are always personal care positions available in Hawaii – especially on Oahu, and some on Maui that I remember. I think it’s a great way to stay in Hawaii – because often times you get room and board, or at least room along with a thousand or so bucks a month.

When I was 25 I took a job as a personal care aide at a seniors care home in Pennsylvania. One of the most amazing jobs I’ve ever had. Not for the fun of cleaning up colostomy bags and such, but all the experiences combined – amazing. Gave me a greater world-view. Many of these people were on the verge of death. Some died during my few months there.

Take a position as a care aide in Hawaii as a job and you’ll stretch the boundaries of who you are as a person. You can’t come away from something like that without changing inside. Good changes.

Here’s the Craigslist Hawaii ad that was posted 11/15 – for Honolulu, not sure what area exactly…

Personal Asst/P.T. Caregiver wanted. Computer knowledge helpful. Must love dogs. Male preferred.
N/S Easygoing. Room and Board in Honolulu, plus. bobloren41@yahoo.com

  • Location: Honolulu
  • Compensation: Rm/brd plus

    About the author: Moving to Hawaii was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done. I strongly encourage you to consider it if you’re in the financial position to do so. Living in Hawaii has a fair bit of both positive and negative experiences. Read some of the articles here and try to get a feel for whether you might thrive in the islands. Best of luck and life to you! Aloha!

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    • I am a nurse looking for work-compensation or trade nursing for rent I am an RN and will negotiate terms with you. Many years of experienced phone 808-633-5179

    • over 10 years of experience,need a job as a caregiver if theres any availabe potion open

    • I want to work as a care giver..I took up bachelor of science in nursing but then i did not finish it (undergraduate).I have some experience in taking care of elders,giving first aid,take vital signs and administer medicines orally

    • college studant looking for room and boaqrd in exchange for house work or home care. mainly looking in kailua or kaneohe