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Moving to Hawaii from New York – The Arnsteins

Victoria Arnstein is someone I found through her ultra-running husband, Michael. She does her own Youtube videos that I subscribed to a while back. I was glad to see a couple new videos she just shot in the islands as they moved there to try it out for a year. Victoria is also an ultra-runner […]

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What is the Worst Thing About Living in Hawaii?

What is the absolute worst thing – one thing – about living in Hawaii? I did a video about the question, and I answer it in two ways. The first relates to living on Oahu. The second covers living on any of the other islands. What is the Best Thing About Living in Hawaii? (click […]

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Moving to Hawaii to Live Off the Land – Video

A dream of mine, years ago, was to move out into the wilderness in Hawaii and live off the land. Sure there would be necessities I’d need to buy from a store, I’m not Bear Grylls. Before I had a family though I thought I could make a run at something like in the video […]

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Flying to Molokai Video

No idea who this is narrating the video, would have been nice to put a credit here – but it isn’t in the video. This is a flight from Oahu over to Molokai on a small plane on a very windy day. The winds look severe – 20 knot gusts or so. I’ve been on […]

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Two Beer Queers – Hawaii’s Beer Review Specialists

There is something very funny about these two local guys in Hawaii doing beer reviews of the most ridiculously named beers in the world. As a team, they have that perfect blend… funny and funny. I’m pretty sure I reviewed these guys on AimforAwesome before – I’ll have to look for that post. These two […]

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Lahaina Produce on Maui – Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

I lucked into this video while searching Youtube for something interesting about Hawaii. It’s great – she finds rambutans at the Lahaina Produce market (LahainaProduce.com) over by the Pu’ukolii Sugar Train Station. Rambutans are one of the most delicious fruits in the world. I have trouble deciding which is best – rambutan, dragon fruit, or […]

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Oahu, Maui, Kauai Video

A video made of a compilation of photos I took while living in Maui and visiting Oahu and Kauai as well. Unfortunately, and unbelievably really – I have not been over to Big Island yet. Imagine that. Next time for sure. In fact, I wonder if it’s possible to live on Big Island. Need to […]

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Awesome Hawaii Website Idea

This is my idea being played out by someone that is actually going through with it. Heh-heh. You know we all have ideas about doing things that we never get started on. Back in 2004 I was considering going to all the top locations on Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai to shoot video, photos, […]

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Amazing People: 8 yr Old Sings Journey Song

It pays to watch Twitter and follow cool people. I follow Twitter user: Hawaii, Ryan Ozawa, a Hawaii resident with Hawaii Blog website, that always pumps out great stuff. He tweeted this video and I thought it was a great fit for my amazing people category. Thanks Ryan! This was taken with a Canon 5d […]

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