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What Is Life Like in Hawaii?

Well, this might not be everyone’s life in Hawaii, but it is Ryan Ozawa’s! Here is a 1 second video grab with audio from every day in 2013.

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Waikiki View from Diamond Head, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Living in Hawaii

Out of every ten visitors to the Hawaiian islands, at least five are wondering, “Is living in Hawaii possible for me?” And for every five that do wonder such a thing realistically maybe one can choose to live in Hawaii for any length of time. Maybe less than one. Why is it so difficult for […]

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Life in Hawaii… What’s it Like Living Hawaiian Style?

Living life in Hawaii is a dream for a lot of people. Many that can afford a vacation to the Hawaiian islands return home and are a little bit shell-shocked. In a good way. Hawaii is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you’re one of those that has visited one […]

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What Is It Like Living in Hawaii? This…

Ryan Ozawa is a well known blogger living on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, that I first came into contact with online about four years ago. His website, Hawaii Blog is one of the most widely read blogs about living in Hawaii that exist. I joined him on Google+ a while back. Today he posted […]

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Questions / Answers About Living in Hawaii

I’ll do a couple of posts over the next few days to answer questions that came through email about living in Hawaii. Sorry I cannot answer your email unless I post it here – that way the answers can be shared by everyone that reads the blog, not just the one person through email. This […]

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19 Year Old Computer Engineer Wants to Live in Hawaii

Here is an interesting letter I got through email – from a 19 year old guy that seems smitten with Hawaii, he’s taking Hawaiian language class for god’s sake! I love getting email from young people – and 19 is quite young to be thinking so intensely about moving to and living in Hawaii! I […]

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Living in Hawaii – Which Island is Right for You?

Living in Hawaii – Which Island? The islands are quite diverse. If you like nightlife – you can only live on Oahu. If you like quiet, intimate gatherings on the weekend – you could live on any island, conceivably. You’ll need to visit all the islands if you want a big choice, otherwise try Oahu, […]

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Plumeria - frangipani flower from Hawaii

Moving to Hawaii – Not All Roses!

The following is an email – slightly edited – that I received a short while back from someone wanting to move to Hawaii. I didn’t think she had a realistic chance for success. Sometimes the truth is hard to face. Hawaii can be an unforgiving place – money goes fast and dreams die faster in […]

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Koko Head climb near Hanauma Bay in Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii Bucket List (Dream List)

Sounds like such a lame name for such a great idea, bucket list. Who made that up? I’ll have to think of a different name for it – list of dreams maybe… Dream List? Yeah, that works. I heard the term bucket list again yesterday as I watched this awesome video – and I thought […]

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Hawaii homeless man with dog and dog food can

Living in Hawaii as Homeless

I just read an article about the homeless problem in Hawaii being the 5th worst in the Nation. I’m wondering if anyone is surprised. Given Alaska or Hawaii, Nebraska or Hawaii, New York or Michigan or Hawaii to be living as homeless, and which state would you choose? Homeless doesn’t mean dumb, it just means […]

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