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Hawaii Residents Survey – Jon Blum

To see all the Hawaii residents interview responses see the Index, just Click Here. To take this survey yourself, Click Here * * * * * What Is Your First and Last Name? Jon Blum Do You Have a Website or Something Else You Would Like Us To Link To? Maui Hawaii Blog (http://www.mauihawaii.org/) Which […]

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Moving to Maui? Go West!

I received a note from a woman that has a pretty good idea what her and her husband want when they move to the island of Maui. Her note is below, and my response is below that. * * * Hi Vern! Thanks for the great info you post on moving to HI. My husband […]

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Maui Hawaii Org – Jon Blum’s Maui Newsletter

If you are considering a move to Maui, then you should definitely sign up with Jon Blum’s Maui Newsletter. Jon is a Maui resident that has heaps of information (hundreds of pages) about Maui that will save you money and time. In order to sign up, just go to Jon’s HomePage – Maui Hawaii Org […]

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Is Living on Maui Today Anything Like This 1964 Video?

Teresa Nelle (@Travel_Gal) posted a Twitter link to this 1964 video (below) about visiting Ka’anapali, Maui. I found it fun to watch, what was really interesting was that the island has not changed all that much in nearly 50 years. Sure there are more developments, but it is remarkable that the entire island isn’t covered […]

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The interior of Haleakala Volcano on Maui Island, Hawaii.

A Couple Living on Maui on $35,000 Per Year?

Here is an email with questions about moving to Maui… and my response below: ***** Aloha I read your book (so much great information) I still have some questions regarding affordability to live in Maui. Well, me and my husband we are 35 years old with no kids. Currently live in Houston TX. I work […]

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For 55 Million Dollars you can live in Hana, Maui, Hawaii - and get 4500 acres. Sounds nice!

Living Large in Hawaii

There’s nothing like living large. Here (below) you can have a lovely 2 bedroom – 2 bath home that looks like it’s perched on a sea cliff – with 4500 acres of land – for just 55 Million USD. If you think about it – it sounds like the deal of the century – 4500 […]

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Living in Hawaii – Which Island is Right for You?

Living in Hawaii – Which Island? The islands are quite diverse. If you like nightlife – you can only live on Oahu. If you like quiet, intimate gatherings on the weekend – you could live on any island, conceivably. You’ll need to visit all the islands if you want a big choice, otherwise try Oahu, […]

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View of west Maui from Haleakala Volcano - Maui, Hawaii

Moving to Maui from California?

Here is another email that came in from a woman who was considering moving from California to Hawaii with her husband, after moving there from Ohio a couple years before. She loves California but is thinking – maybe moving to Maui, Hawaii is the next step? It just might be! Here is her email: * […]

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