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Moving to HI – A Dream of Life in the Islands

This was a great email I got a couple weeks ago from a couple living in the mainland USA that were going to make a run of moving to Hawaii and that had a lot of questions. I’ll do my best to answer below. Maybe your situation is similar? ****** Hi and thanks for you […]

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Plane landing in Hawaii from mainland USA.

What Are Some Good Reasons for Moving to Hawaii

I was thinking today about people that make it when they move to Hawaii, and people that don’t. I mean, some people come to live in Hawaii and stay for the rest of their lives. Others, seem to give it a shot – realize it isn’t for them, and leave. Still others come, and rebound […]

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Cyclist climbing Haleakala Volcano, Maui, Hawaii

Physical Therapy Assistant Wants to Move to Hawaii Countryside

Here is another reader email – names changed to protect all involved – except me.  This guy was about to graduate from school as a physical therapy assistant and he was thinking about moving to Hawaii. I’ve added “Vern” and “Tom” to designate who is doing the talking below. I like to comment within the […]

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Moving to Hawaii – 2011 Chapter Review Video

I created 4 videos to take you through the chapters of the bestselling Amazon eBook – “Moving to Hawaii – 2011″. Here are links to each… keep in mind that the videos just briefly introduce the topic and what I’ve covered more completely in the book. There is a lot more information for visitors looking […]

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Hawaii Restaurant - Jasmine Iced Tea

A Waitress Moving to Hawaii? Why Not?

If you are moving to Hawaii it means you have special circumstances. You’re you. You’re unique. Though I’ve written a lot about the subject, and you’ve read “Moving to Hawaii – 2011″ at Amazon, you still may not be sure – can you make it if you move, or not? I’m going to occasionally put […]

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