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Moving to Hawaii and Finding a Job…

I have a series of articles about moving to Hawaii so I’m always getting comments from people that are ready to make the jump from the mainland, or even from overseas to Hawaii and want advice on how to best go about moving to the Hawaiian islands. This article will cover some of the essentials […]

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View from Manoa Trail on Oahu, island of Hawaii.

Moving to Oahu with Dogs

Here is a note from a woman in her early twenties that is considering moving to Oahu, Hawaii with her husband and their dogs and she has some other questions. * * * Hi Vern! I came across your website while ‘googling’ Hawaii. I’ve been offered a position to work at the VA in Honolulu. […]

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Private Charter Plane to Hawaii – to Ensure Pets Fly Safely

This was an email that just came in from Amy. She wants to fly her Great Dane dog to Hawaii and isn’t confident about shipping it in a large jet airliner’s cargo compartment (and who is?). She came up with a work-around that involves finding a few other pet owners to share a private charter […]

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Family with 3 Kids Moving to Honolulu – No Jobs

Many people consider moving to Hawaii, and yet I wonder how many really consider what Oahu is like. There are some amazing places on the island, sure. But, the majority of your experience as a resident of Oahu will be traveling around the city, in traffic, in a place that might be more of a […]

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Moving to Maui with Kids with Asthma

I just got this email not long ago and wanted to respond because I also have had asthma in the past a bit, and they’re talking about moving to my favorite island – Maui. I’ll answer the questions after he asks… * * * Hello my wife & I (45 & 46 respectively) are considering […]

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Couple Thinking of Moving to Islands from Connecticut

Here is an email I got pretty recently about a husband and wife looking to move to one of the islands, but kind of going back and forth about choosing either Maui or Oahu. I think this is a common problem, and one I’ve also beat myself up over for a while too. There are […]

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Are Too Many People Moving to Hawaii to Live?

I was looking at some of the population graphs Google gives for the islands. It gives a good overview of what is happening in the various counties in Hawaii for population growth. Before looking at this data, I would have thought the rate the islands are growing at, would be something like this. There doesn’t […]

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Vet Technologist Moving California to Oahu – Questions / Answers

This note came in at the turn of the year, It has been a couple of weeks to respond to it, sorry about that but I get blitzed with emails sometimes, and over the holidays it has been that way. I still have about eight emails to get to from the past – but I […]

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Recent College Graduates Moving to Hawaii?

Here is a note I received this morning from a mother concerned that her son is being unrealistic about moving to Hawaii. For the time being I am able to create posts here to reply quickly. Jump on this opportunity, because when I get bogged down again it sometimes takes weeks, sometimes months. * * […]

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Moving to Live on Big Island, Hawaii

Here is a reader email I got just today. If you have a question about moving to, or living in Hawaii – send it now while I have some time to get these posts out! * * * Hello my name is Veronica, my husband and I are planning a move to Hawaii in early […]

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