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What is the Worst Thing About Living in Hawaii?

What is the absolute worst thing – one thing – about living in Hawaii? I did a video about the question, and I answer it in two ways. The first relates to living on Oahu. The second covers living on any of the other islands. What is the Best Thing About Living in Hawaii? (click […]

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$205 to Honolulu Each Way – from Mid America and Even Atlanta!

Beat of Hawaii special fares to HNL announcement -> These guys had an announcement that Dallas, Chicago, Denver, and Atlanta had $205 one-ways to Honolulu (HNL). If that isn’t cheap enough – what is cheap enough to get to the most amazing destination in America? If you haven’t seen Honolulu, Oahu, Maui, Big Island, Kauai […]

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Big Island’s Volcano Eruption Effect on Oahu?

Looks like half a million people would die. Not from the lava. Not from the unbreathable air. The resulting tsunami that would occur when huge amounts of land fell off the wall of the volcano into the Pacific Ocean would devastate Oahu, not to mention Maui and the other islands. National Geographic did a ‘what […]

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Ala Moana Beach & Highrises from Magic Island, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii in One Weekend?

I saw a great post by a guy that told what he did over one weekend on Oahu, so, just briefly I wanted to write up what I’d do if I found myself on the island of Oahu with just one weekend to see as much as I could. Friday night – assuming I arrive […]

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The Ultimate Hawaii Beach?

Living in the Hawaiian islands for six years I’ve visited my fair share of Hawaii beaches but today I asked myself a question – Which is the Ultimate Hawaii Beach? The ultimate beach in Hawaii would have it all – and would fit all sorts of people. You could take whoever you have visiting to […]

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Make Yourself Into a Surfboard: Bodysurfing!

Oahu, and the other Hawaiian islands have amazing and almost non-stop wave-action going on. Waves are nearly continually breaking somewhere on each island. For the first year and a half or so I only bodyboarded. Bodyboarding was the biggest rush once I learned how to ride 4+ foot waves. I had heard about bodysurfing but […]

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Amazing Experience: Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii!

Amazing panoramic view of Hanauma Bay on island of Oahu, Hawaii. Click for VERY large photo. Credit: Dave Tonnes of Panaviz. Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii is one of my favorite life activities. The water is warm, clean, shallow and in many areas – safe. There is a natural coral reef that blocks large […]

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Jumping Manta Rays, an Awesome Experience!

Posts here at Aim for Awesome seem to be following an ‘awesome ocean experiences‘ theme lately, and I think that will hold true for a while until I just run out of ideas. This idea came to me as I was thinking about a time I was wade-fishing in the ocean at Fort Desoto park […]

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What’s a Moonbow? An Awesome Life Experience!

Today’s awesome life experience is about moonbows! Did you ever have the awesome experience of seeing a “moonbow” at night? What’s a moonbow? A moonbow is like a day time rainbow, except it is formed not directly by the sun, but by the light of the moon… which is actually sunlight reflected off the moon […]

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My 2 Near-Death Bodyboarding Experiences in Oahu Hawaii’s Big Surf

I’m not a dangerous person. I don’t consider myself a ‘thrill seeker’ by the usual definition. But, that said, I have had a few times that I’ve almost died while trying to enjoy this crazy thing called “Life”. This is a post about 2 such near death experiences that happened in the Pacific ocean while […]

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