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Buy Moving to Hawaii – the eBook!

Here it is, our most recently updated book that describes everything you want to know about LIVING IN HAWAII in 2015-2016!

If you purchase now and don’t find it very helpful – we’ll refund your money. 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Moving to Hawaii Book by Vern Lovic

Just $4.99 today at Amazon – read with Amazon Kindle Software for your computer, mobile, or tablet! 

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Or, BUY HERE for $4.99 and get the PDF Formatted Ebook


  • Over 75,000 words to help you decide NOW whether Hawaii is right for you
  • Couple bonus sections including a Q & A section you will find interesting



1. Welcome to Hawaii
2. High Cost of Living
3. How Much Money is Enough?
4. Minimalist Living
5. Before You Go
6. After You Arrive
7. Geography of Hawaii
8. Population and Demographic Info
9. Weather
10. Which Island Is Right for You?
11. Employment
12. Starting a Business
13. State Taxes
14. Schools
15. Veterans Services and Benefits
16. Senior Citizen Agencies
17. Social Environment
18. Homes
19. Things to Do
20. What Do People Who Live in Hawaii Do?
21. Religion
22. Food!
23. Golf – (In-depth coverage of top courses on all islands)
24. Shopping – (In-depth coverage of shopping on all islands)
25. Social Problems
26. Marijuana
27. Bugs and Other Land Critters
28. Marine Critters
29. Sharks!
30. Other Cautions
31. Plan B
32. Making the Decision to Go!

I wrote this ebook as if I was trying to come up with all the relevant information I would want my best friends and family to know about moving to Hawaii. It’s all in there. I cover the good, the bad, and the ugly – and there is some of each. There is much more good about living in the Hawaiian Islands than anything.

You’ll have to decide for yourself after reading!

I struggled with a price for this ebook. There is more information in this book than any other I’ve seen on moving to Hawaii. I spent a couple of hundred hours on researching and writing this ebook to make sure it is the best it can be.


I’ve priced this book at less than $10 to be fair, and I gave it a 90-day money-back guarantee.

I promise you it’s an easy and fun read. I think you’ll enjoy this book more than other dry books on the subject. I talk to you as if I know you and care about your choice – MOVE TO HAWAII? Or, Not!

NOTE: When you order above you’ll receive the PDF version of “MOVING TO HAWAII!”

If you need a format different from PDF (MOBI or EPUB):

  1. Order above.
  2. Choose an eBook format at THIS LINK. We have EPUB and MOBI formats. EPUB is for most ereaders including Apple’s IPad and iPhone, and MOBI format is for the Amazon Kindle. Just ask for either!

Aloha Nui Loa!

Vern Lovic

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