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Is shipping to Hawaii expensive

Short answer: heck yes.  In recent years, Amazon and their Prime service have eased the pain but make no mistake; it's still a pain yet part of the life of living in Hawaii.  Aina gives you a local's view of what it's like in dealing with Hawaii's shipping costs. Read: "No free shipping to Hawaii"

Is shipping to Hawaii expensive 2017-08-16T09:49:41+00:00

Public Transportation in Hawaii

Whenever you talk about public transportation in Hawaii, you can be sure a conversation about "The Rail" will come up and thankfully we won't be talking about that topic.  Instead you'll want to read about Honolulu's excellent bus system because if you're going to live in Hawaii it's nearly certain either you or your children

Public Transportation in Hawaii 2017-08-09T19:42:43+00:00

How much is it to move to Hawaii?

If you've wondered what it costs to move to Hawaii, we've got a tool to help. Most of our website visitors want to learn about living in or moving to Hawaii and we're going to provide the best solutions available. If you're seriously considering moving here, fill out this quick Google webform and we'll get

How much is it to move to Hawaii? 2017-08-03T16:14:41+00:00

How expensive is Hawaii?

Unless you live in the heart of America's biggest cities, you'll probably be in for some serious sticker shock when you visit Hawaii.  The median price for a single family home in 2017 is $795,000.  But there's more. Our local girl Aina not only gives you some examples of how things are expensive but also

How expensive is Hawaii? 2017-08-02T18:29:17+00:00

Bring Hawaii home with these hand-picked Hawaii products on Amazon

The next best thing to living in Hawaii is living with Hawaiian products at home!  We're starting up "Marketplace Hawaii" with Amazon links to the kind of stuff we send to friends and family at home. Browse around and take home a little package of Aloha!   Browse Marketplace Hawaii now

Bring Hawaii home with these hand-picked Hawaii products on Amazon 2017-07-31T18:51:26+00:00

Do you do Hula? Wrong question!

If you really want to show respect for Hawaiian culture, appreciating Hula is a great way to go.  The first thing to learn is how to properly phrase the question:  instead of asking "Do you do Hula?" you ask "Do you dance Hula".    Learn more about this beautiful and culturally significant dance from our

Do you do Hula? Wrong question! 2017-07-03T20:17:49+00:00