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Start-Up Demo Day in Hawaii January 16

Here's something Ryan O. just mentioned over at his site. It's a 3-hour informational get together for the growing Hawaii start-up scene. Check out Ryan's post here. http://www.hawaiiweblog.com/2015/01/03/startup-paradise-demo-day-2015

Starting an Eco Business After Moving to Hawaii

This is a letter from a woman that wants to know about starting an eco tourism business in Hawaii after her and her family move to the islands. I didn't know how to answer to give her anything to go on really, except a healthy dose of reality... Hawaii is not the place to start

DAKINE Backpacks – One Hawaii Business Doing it Right

I was going to just send a pic of this backpack to my friend Jon - an Oahu native, now living in Thailand - but then I thought - this deserves a whole post. I bought this DAKINE backpack for about $140 USD at a small business on the right side of the street looking

Starting a Business in Hawaii?

Starting a Business - Not Recommended Hawaii is not a great place to start a business in my personal opinion. Many people try, but I think the failure rate is higher in Hawaii than other places. Number one – there is a lot of competition in areas that matter – like tourism. If you don’t

Most Visitors to AFA Looking for “Living in Hawaii” Info

Some end of the year and beginning of the year thoughts... I pulled up two months of stats to see what I could see about this site and what people wanted that were reaching us through the search engines and other channels. As you can see by the info-graphic below, most of our visitors were

How to Save Money in Hawaii – Buying at the Right Time

Copyright Lifehacker Lifehacker is one of my favorite sites, has been for years. They just came out with their 2017 guide - The Best Time to Buy Anything in 2017 Life in Hawaii is astronomically expensive, and this guide can help you save a couple hundred dollars in a year. I know I