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What are high schools in Hawaii like for my kids?

High schools in Hawaii are a different experience from the mainland, obviously. I grew up in Hawaii for 18 years and although I’ve never experienced high school on the mainland, I now attend college here and I’ve heard a lot of different things from my friends that all show me how different our high school

What’s the biggest culture shock moving to Hawaii?

If you are planning on moving to Hawaii, there are going to be a lot of things that you need to prepare yourself for. The culture shock moving to Hawaii can be overwhelming. Your living expenses are going to increase, your driving style is going to need to change, but the amount of sunshine is

Driving in Hawaii, what every newcomer needs to know

Drivers in Hawaii are a different group. Hawaii has such low speed limits yet its drivers drive excessively over the limit. For example, a limit on one of our main freeways (The H1) is 55 and even 50 at some points, however people drive at 65 most of the time (in the left lane). I’ve

Adjusting to Hawaii culture in the best way

If you're going to live in Hawaii, or should I say “the melting pot,” is a unique place filled with several different cultures, languages and ethnicities and you need to know about adjusting to Hawaii culture if you're going to survive. Hawaii is one of the few states where although you may be a resident

Korean family wants to live in Hawaii for 9-12 months

I love the interesting emails I get from website visitors. Here's a good one from a Korean woman that wants to live in Hawaii with her sons.  I indented her questions and put my responses in-between. Enjoy! I have never been to Hawaii. I just know from my friend, who is a professor at the

Married with 3 boys – should we move to Hawaii?

I try to reply to emails which can be helpful to others and that haven't been asked before.  Here's a good one about a mom wondering about a move to Hawaii and I've interspersed the comments with my responses.  Keep in mind that everyone's situation is different. I have not been in this exact situation