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Honolulu in top 10 for most expensive apartment rentals

Honolulu comes in at  9th place in July 2016 for the most expensive place to rent an apartment amongst the 100 largest cities. How much is the average rent in Honolulu for a 1 bedroom apartment? 1 bedrooms in Honolulu average $1,840/mo. How much is the average rent in Honolulu for a 2 bedroom apartment?

How Long Will Hawaii’s People PUT UP WITH THIS?

This article talks about Kauai having 10 TIMES THE NORMAL RATE of a heart malformation in newborn children. Isn't it time some drastic action is taken? I don't understand the lack of action. 10,000 people marching sounds great. But nothing has changed. Isn't it time for drastic measures to make the environment safe for kids

What is the Point of Life?

Did you ever wonder about this question? Is it life's MOST important question? What is the Point of Life? IS there a point to life? If "yes", what could it possibly be? Is life a good thing to experience or a horrible thing to endure? Over the last five to six weeks I've been meditating

Bio 2: More on Meditation + Podcast

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Rent or Buy in Hawaii – Not Sure How Long Will Stay

A note from a visitor to AimforAwesome - and my reply. Hope it helps you decide what to do too! Hi Vern, I really loved your articles about Hawaii. There were so many articles available, I plan to visit your site throughout this year till I move to Hawaii. For me, It's not about whether