Best Hawaii dishes and foods

The best Hawaii dishes and food are easy and plentiful to find on island. That’s one of my favorite parts about going home for winter and summer breaks - the food. I try to get a little bit of everything each time I go home and stock up on some of my favorites that I

Popular Hawaii bikini brands

Hawaii is home to some of the most expensive, popular, and skimpy little brazilian bikinis. Some bikinis go for over $100/piece yet they are made of the least amount of clothing so it really doesn’t make any sense. However, despite the high prices and small coverage, they are still a hit in the islands! Every

12 Must Try Foods in Hawaii

Ahi Poke at a restaurant. Looks like a bit of wasabi on top. Yum! Copyright Sam Howzit at Flickr Creative Commons. Hawaii Food - ONO! You can find most of the food you're used to eating in the mainland US, but there is also an incredible variety of food that you have probably

Hawaiian Heiau Landmarks – Not for Fun and Games

Click heiau image to enlarge. The first time I visited a heiau in Hawaii was my last time. Though I wouldn't call myself 'intuitive' by any stretch of imagination, I felt something strong there. Strangely, I felt uncomfortable and as if I was in the wrong place, just being there. It probably didn't

Accomplished Hawaiians

These are some well known local Hawaiians that have excelled at their art: Duke Kahanamoku - Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku was a competitive swimmer, actor, and businessnman. He is perhaps best known for bringing the sport of surfing to many people in the early 1900's. Israel Kamakawiwoʻole  - "Bruddah IZ", singer, songwriter, ukelele

Taimane – Hawaiian Ukulele Player Extraordinaire!

I was looking through Youtube to find some Hawaiian music and again came across this fantastic ukulele player, Taimane. She has complete mastery over this instrument. I'm nearly spellbound watching her play. Here's an outdoor performance she did to help promote Kamehameha Schools Ho'olaule'a 2013. Wish you were there?