Honolulu in top 10 for most expensive apartment rentals

Honolulu comes in at  9th place in July 2016 for the most expensive place to rent an apartment amongst the 100 largest cities. How much is the average rent in Honolulu for a 1 bedroom apartment? 1 bedrooms in Honolulu average $1,840/mo. How much is the average rent in Honolulu for a 2 bedroom apartment?

Rent or Buy in Hawaii – Not Sure How Long Will Stay

A note from a visitor to AimforAwesome - and my reply. Hope it helps you decide what to do too! Hi Vern, I really loved your articles about Hawaii. There were so many articles available, I plan to visit your site throughout this year till I move to Hawaii. For me, It's not about whether

How Much Money Is Enough

North shore of the island of Molokai. Copyright forest-and-kim at Creative Commons. This article is about how much money is enough to move to and live in Hawaii. Could a single person make it by bringing $3,000 in a bank account? If you arrived in Hawaii and made $20,000 per year with

How Much Money Do Honolulu, Hawaii Residents Make?

I would have guessed that the average income for families in Hawaii was higher. It does make sense why everyone is griping about how expensive everything is - when the average is pretty low in comparison with the prices for everything. It's safe to say, at these income levels - you need A+ credit to

How to Save Money in Hawaii – Buying at the Right Time

Copyright Lifehacker Lifehacker is one of my favorite sites, has been for years. They just came out with their 2012 guide - The Best Time to Buy Anything in 2012 Life in Hawaii is astronomically expensive, and this guide can help you save a couple hundred dollars in a year. I know I

Hawaii’s High Cost of Living

I wonder how much that drink was! When most people from the US mainland visit our beautiful state, they experience "sticker shock" on their first grocery store visit. The reason why the cost of living in Hawaii so high is due to three simple reasons: we have some of the highest costs (if not