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How Long Will Hawaii’s People PUT UP WITH THIS?

This article talks about Kauai having 10 TIMES THE NORMAL RATE of a heart malformation in newborn children. Isn't it time some drastic action is taken? I don't understand the lack of action. 10,000 people marching sounds great. But nothing has changed. Isn't it time for drastic measures to make the environment safe for kids

Social Life in Hawaii?

I just wrote a post about the social situation in Hawaii and what you might expect when you arrive. Would Hawaii be a good place to find a spouse as a single person? How could you go about making friends in Hawaii? Here's the article: Social Environment in Hawaii

Hawaii’s Social Environment

  Sure, everyone works in Hawaii. Well, most do. But, even though everyone is working, there is an underlying attitude that life is not about work. The people living in Hawaii understand well that the secret to a happy life is about what you’re doing outside of work. Work-style is a little more laid back.

Racism and Hate in Hawaii – Does it Exist?

In May of 2007 I started Aim for Awesome as a site about helping people move to Hawaii from other parts of the world, primarily from the mainland U.S. The most common topic I've been asked by readers over these seven years is about the racism issue on the Hawaiian Islands. Does racism exist? Is it

What Are the Social Problems in Hawaii?

HAWAII SOCIAL PROBLEMS Local Attitudes This one is a catch-22. If your own attitude is poor – you’ll meet some of the nastiest people you ever didn’t want to know in Hawaii. That’s just the way it is everywhere, right? However, if you’ve got a cool attitude and are open to learning how things work