Adjusting to the spiritual element of Hawaii

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What is the Point of Life?

Did you ever wonder about this question? Is it life's MOST important question? What is the Point of Life? IS there a point to life? If "yes", what could it possibly be? Is life a good thing to experience or a horrible thing to endure? Over the last five to six weeks I've been meditating

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What is the Point of Life? Living in Hawaii!

Is it your desire in life - one of your top goals in life - to live in Hawaii? I wrote, "What is the Point of Life?" - a short ebook, a while back. So far it has been downloaded over 31,000 times, according to stats. I can believe it because I get a ton

Religion in Hawaii

What Place Does Religion Have in Hawaii? Over more than six years in Hawaii I didn't meet many people that were overtly, devoutly religious. It seems like the people in the islands, in general, are extremely happy to be living in paradise on earth and they're not looking for whatever paradise might be found in

Point of Life

This is the page to help you find the book - "What is the Meaning of Life?" If you want to order this book - we've PRICED IT RIGHT! Just 99 cents! It's a very easy to read book that is appropriate for anyone searching for their own meaning in life.