Adjusting to the spiritual element of Hawaii

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Response to “What is the Point of Life?”

Sometimes I get amazing comments on some of my articles. This was one reader's response to my original philosophical question, "What is the Point of Life?" I really enjoyed reading his take on the meaning of life so much so that I asked for and received his permission to reprint it here as a full

What Makes Up an Awesome Life?

  You'll never feel free in life if you're tied down by self-imposed responsibilities. Cut the ties that bind if you're not benefiting directly from the situation. I think everyone, during the course of their lives MUST feel the freedom of being able to choose anywhere to go and begin life anew. The feeling is

The Ultimate Meaning of Life…

I've come to what I think is a conclusion now about the meaning of life. In the previous article I talked about the meaning of life for the individual. Often times we come to our own conclusion about the meaning of life for us personally. Whatever you come up with for your own life I

What IS the Meaning of Life? Fun? God? $?

Is the meaning of life - FUN? I guess I'm on a quest for the meaning of life. I'm 42 and it's time I figured it all out. I'm giving myself until December this year, then I've got to have the answer. When I say I want to know what the meaning of

Part 3: Hawaiian Philosophy of Life… 4 Levels of Reality

This is the last in a 3-part series about different parts of ancient Hawaiian Philosophy of Life. We went over a small part of what ancient Hawaiian people came to believe through the teaching of their Kahuna or priests. We have already covered the 7 Principles of Huna, The 3 Selves or Minds, and today

Part 2: Hawaiian Philosophy of Life… Our 3 ‘Selves’ or ‘Minds’

In Hawaiian Philosophy of Life Part 1 I covered a little bit about the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna. The teachings of Huna came to western minds via the research and investigation of Max Freedom Long who learned them from William Tufts Brigham, a man that had spent forty years living in Hawaii studying the secret