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Finding Employment Using Craigslist – Search All Jobs

Craigslist is an amazing tool for helping us find jobs in the islands, but, there is a problem with using it that many people aren't aware of. I'll show you what I mean. Take a look at the home page for Hawaii Craigslist ( See all the job categories on the right side? If I

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Using Craigslist Hawaii – Your Resume

One function Craigslist Hawaii and all the Craigslist locations have is the Resume option. You can upload your resume, in txt or with basic HTML formatting, to their site with the link below: Resume section of Craigslist Hawaii The Resume link isn't very visible on the page of some computers because it is at the

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Some Fun Jobs Available in Hawaii

There are a number of photographer jobs available on snorkeling and dive boats. In fact, you could start your own business. This has been going on for over 14 years now, especially on Maui at the Ma'alaea Wharf. Here is a list of some jobs in Hawaii found on that look to

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Best Career Field in Hawaii?

The huge "medical" field or health field appears to be the best career field in Hawaii. Best meaning - lots of opportunity and a competitive salary to match Hawaii's high cost of living. At there are 100 jobs listed in the field just over a 3 day span. I didn't check to see which

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