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Find a job, work in Hawaii

Hawaii, where the grass and ocean is so much greener! You can work in Hawaii and live here. Copyright NJScott1 at Flickr Creative Commons. I have a series of articles about moving to Hawaii so I'm always getting comments from people that are ready to make the jump from the mainland, or

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Legitimate Home Business Opportunities in Hawaii?

If you "stay Hawaii" you have probably wondered if you might work at home in your living room on a notebook computer, drinking lattes all day instead of slugging it out in massive traffic jams trying to get into town or wherever you're going during rush hours. There are many people I know in Hawaii

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Hawaii Blogs You Could Start to Make Money

I'm surprised at the number of people visiting this site while on vacation or living in Hawaii. I know some of you are visiting the islands and are in search of more information about things to do and maybe even about the possibility of living in Hawaii. I think some of you must already be

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Starting a Business in Hawaii

Hawaii is not a great place to start a business in my personal opinion. Many people try, but I think the failure rate is higher in Hawaii than other places. There is a lot of competition in areas that matter, like tourism. If you don’t already have a successful tourism focused office open in another

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New Article – Employment in Hawaii

I just posted a fairly comprehensive article about getting employed in Hawaii here. Employment in the islands is easy for some and much more difficult for others. I didn't have much of a problem, being in the IT and marketing spaces. Others I know were hired faster than I was. If you're planning on working

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Employment in Hawaii

If you can light a stick on fire and make it do amazing things, there IS a job waiting for you in Hawaii. Otherwise, you're going to have to pound the pavement like everyone else. Finding employment in Hawaii is one of the most daunting tasks for most people. It's difficult for a

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Buying a Functioning Business in Hawaii – Reader Email

A scan from one of my old photos of Bellows AFS in Waimanolo, on Oahu's windward shore. One of my favorite places on earth! I received this email a couple of days ago from a guy I'll call "Charles" to preserve anonymity. Charles is thinking about buying a business that seems to already

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3 Ways to Help You Find a Job in Hawaii with Craigslist

Craigslist Hawaii is a very useful resource for anyone attempting to find employment in the Hawaiian Islands. Personally, I prefer it to other job finding methods like knocking on doors, applying at the Hawaii state and federal offices, or cruising online job boards. There is nothing that has more bang for the buck than Craigslist

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Finding Hawaii Employment Using RSS Feeds at Craigslist

RSS (Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication) feeds are nothing more than a push of information that arrives at your computer, tablet, phone, or whatever gadget you use. RSS use is declining in this social media world, but, I still use it and so do millions of people around the world. We use RSS

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Finding Employment Using Craigslist – Search All Jobs

Craigslist is an amazing tool for helping us find jobs in the islands, but, there is a problem with using it that many people aren't aware of. I'll show you what I mean. Take a look at the home page for Hawaii Craigslist ( See all the job categories on the right side? If I

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Using Craigslist Hawaii – Your Resume

One function Craigslist Hawaii and all the Craigslist locations have is the Resume option. You can upload your resume, in txt or with basic HTML formatting, to their site with the link below: Resume section of Craigslist Hawaii The Resume link isn't very visible on the page of some computers because it is at the

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Some Fun Jobs Available in Hawaii

There are a number of photographer jobs available on snorkeling and dive boats. In fact, you could start your own business. This has been going on for over 14 years now, especially on Maui at the Ma'alaea Wharf. Here is a list of some jobs in Hawaii found on that look to

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