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Marketing grad from Hilo wants to live in Hawaii

I so appreciate getting and responding to thoughtful visitor emails. Here's one that's rather instructive for all who want to live in Hawaii and I've embedded my responses in-line Aloha Peter, The reason I am messaging you is about your article ""Ten Steps to Finding a Job in Hawaii"". It was a great read, and really

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Big Island Shopping Options

Shopping on Big Island The Big Island can be a great place to go shopping so long as you have reasonable expectations. If you are looking for souvenirs, traditional crafts, and local food items you are going to be impressed. There are also a few large malls on the island where you can find the

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Missing Persons in Hawaii – Big Island

Damon Tucker has a popular page over at his website where he lists missing persons on the Big Island. This is one topic that really hits me hard, and I hope to never experience anything like this for a member of my family or my friends. If you live on the Big Island of

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Big Island or Oahu?

Here's an email I received from a woman in Italy that is hoping to narrow the search down to just one of the Hawaiian Islands - Big Island or Oahu, for her husband, daughter, and their dog. Amazingly, she typed this all up on her iPhone! * * * Hello Vern, I really enjoy your

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Big Island’s Volcano Eruption Effect on Oahu?

Credit: MikeBaird - Flickr Looks like half a million people would die. Not from the lava. Not from the unbreathable air. The resulting tsunami that would occur when huge amounts of land fell off the wall of the volcano into the Pacific Ocean would devastate Oahu, not to mention Maui and the other

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Buying Houses on Active Volcanos

My friend wrote me and told me the good news... he'd just bought a house on Big Island, Hawaii! Was I happy for him? I'm not sure. I checked the Google Earth satellite shot and it was just as I suspected... he's right on the edge of the lava flow. Now, probably every

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