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2016 Hawaii State Holidays

What Are Hawaii's Holidays in 2017? In 2017, just like every year, we list the state of Hawaii's official holidays from the HI. State government (Hawaii Revised Statutes, Sec. 8-1) to help you plan your vacation or things to do - 3 Day Weekends! Typically employers must give these days off for workers, but substitutions

Hawaii Resources for U. S. Military Personnel

Here is a collection of links to informative articles and organizations in the Hawaiian Islands that can help make life easier for military personnel living in, or moving to the islands. HAWAII MILITARY BASES - OFFICIAL WEBSITES (All Branches) Bellows Air Force Station, BellowsAFS.com Hickam Air Force Base, Hickam.af.mil Marine Corps Base Hawaii, MCBH.USMC.mil Pacific

Where is Hawaii Located?

Where is Hawaii? The red pin! One of the top questions I've found searchers of Aim for Awesome are looking for is - Where is Hawaii? Answer is below... It was 1984 and I had just finished up my Air Force training at Keesler Air Force Base, in Biloxi, Mississippi. I was handed

Ultra Running in Hawaii

There are people in Hawaii doing 100 mile 'races' with a cutoff time - meaning you must finish the race within 36 hours. [Ultra-running  video at the bottom of this article] Ultra running is something I've only recently thought of doing - in Hawaii, and my first one will likely be in Thailand in 2015.

Hawaii Lists

On this page will be links to lists of various Hawaii stuff. We made an outline of all the things we imagined were important to know about Hawaii, and it was sitting on the whiteboard for a couple weeks. Today we decided, ahh, what the heck, lets make up some lists so we can start