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OK, really now, what’s it like living in Hawaii?

Life in Hawaii – What’s it Like Living Hawaiian Style?

Bodyboarding and swimming at Honolua Beach, Maui, Hawaii. Something the whole family can enjoy when the waves are small. Living life in Hawaii is a dream for a lot of people. Many who can afford a vacation to the Hawaiian islands return home and are a little bit shell-shocked. In a good way.

Maui Island Overview: What is Maui Like?

WHAT IS MAUI LIKE? IS IT THE BEST? Maui is my personal favorite of the Hawaiian islands. Why Maui? Maui No Ka Oi! The Hawaiians have a saying, or maybe it's just those Hawaiians that live on Maui that say it... it means basically that Maui is the best. I have to agree with that

Oahu Island Overview: What is Oahu Like?

Oahu Island from space. Photo - NASA. Oahu is Nice! But, Some Drawbacks... Oahu is incredibly beautiful, and the most visited of all the Hawaiian islands. Oahu also has the most visitors. Can you say crowds? During rush hours the traffic is pretty horrible. The major highways and streets are clogged and it's

What is an Average Day Like Living in Hawaii?

The soft sand and bright blue ocean, white puffy clouds, and blue skies make Kailua Beach one of my all-time favorite places for eating lunch while working on Oahu. This is what an average day for me looked like when I lived on Oahu: Background - Location, Building, etc. I had just arrived

Questions and Answers from Readers About Hawaii Living

A video question / answer session where I respond directly to inquiries received on my contact form from people considering moving to Hawaii and living on one of the islands. Living in Hawaii Question / Answer Sessions: 1. Retired at 50, Couple Moving from Northeast to Hawaii and Living Small Question: My wife and I

What Will Your Home Be Like in Hawaii?

Few can afford to live this large in Hawaii. If you can, there are some mind-blowing homes overlooking the ocean and mountain on all the Hawaiian Islands. This image is not of a home, this is the Byodo-in temple in Ahuimanu (Kaneohe), on Oahu Island. Few Traditional Homes in Hawaii I don't have