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7 Best Instagram views of Hawaii

My favorite best Instagram views of Hawaii Once while I was in California someone commented to me on the fact that when they think of Hawaii, they think of the best Instagram views of Hawaii. Hawaii’s gorgeous beauty and amazing outdoor venues make for some sick photography adventures and Instagram posts. There are certain local

Join Aim For Awesome at Pinterest – Stunning Hawaii Images

We've been slow to jump on some of the social media sites because they just suck up so much time. However, browsing through the images at Pinterest this morning and thinking about the couple hundred great photos we have in our collection - we decided, ahh, what the heck. Here is our Hawaii Pinterest Channel

Loving Life in Hawaii – a Video

I was surfing around today and found this amazing video of a girl living on Oahu apparently that is just loving life to the extremes. It will make you want to be there with her, and to be her. She just seems to have fun doing whatever it is that she's doing that day. I

Composer Ronald Van Deurzen’s “Tale of Dreams” Album

Composer R. Van Deurzen from The Netherlands has released his new album "Tale of Dreams", an orchestral soundtrack album with influences from Celtic and medieval music. The enchanting sound of violins, harps, flutes, oboes and clarinets combined with the often poetical piano passages create an album of 55+ minutes worth of music coming straight from

Girl Meets Hawaii Videos – Samantha Brown

There is a Travel Channel series that is pretty popular on the internet, this "Girl Meets Hawaii" video tour that covers various attractions in Hawaii. It's very interesting and worth your time watching a couple of all of them if your intention is on visiting the islands anytime soon. Samantha Brown is fun and engaging.