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Variety of Hawaii Photos

I was looking through Google image search for Stairway to Heaven photos - Haiku Stairs that I climbed with my friend on Oahu and I came across this great site that had a variety of photos of Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and even Molokai. I wanted to share them with you - check 'em out!

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69 Hawaii Photos

Here are some of the photos of Hawaii (Oahu, Kauai, and Maui) I have at Flickr. Click the image to see the set: Want to Move to Hawaii? Here it is, our updated book that describes everything you likely want to know about living in Hawaii. How much? Just $4.99 through Amazon.

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Kelly O’Neill’s Amazing Pencil Work

Have you seen this woman's art yet? I've seen it and every time I look - I'm still left without an explanation. She did all that with a pencil and eraser? She's amazing - that much is true... Here's a really cool time-lapse video of Kelly drawing a small girl. Who are your favorite Hawaii

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Awesome Hawaii Videography:

I'm subscribed to Dan's Maui, Hawaii blog via RSS feed and was looking at some of the videos there this morning. I'm very impressed. If you want to get a good idea what a beach looks like in Maui or anywhere in Hawaii, it's hard to get the big picture from a photo or

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Inspirational Photos Index (from my portfolio)

This is my inspirational photos index that I created here in Thailand, (Koh Samui). Hope you enjoy them... Inspirational Photos Index > > Best of Life! Vern

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Walking through clouds, Pi Hea Trail, Kauai, Hawaii (Photo and Video)

Hawaii is filled with so many inspiring things to see and to do. Pi Hea Trail, Kauai, Hawaii When I land here and step out of the plane - everything is magic. It's the same every time I return. It's as if I cannot BELIEVE my good fortune to be able to LIVE in this

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