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Variety of Hawaii Photos

I was looking through Google image search for Stairway to Heaven photos - Haiku Stairs that I climbed with my friend on Oahu and I came across this great site that had a variety of photos of Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and even Molokai. I wanted to share them with you - check 'em out!

69 Hawaii Photos

Here are some of the photos of Hawaii (Oahu, Kauai, and Maui) I have at Flickr. Click the image to see the set: Want to Move to Hawaii? Here it is, our updated book that describes everything you likely want to know about living in Hawaii. How much? Just $4.99 through Amazon. If

Kelly O’Neill’s Amazing Pencil Work

Have you seen this woman's art yet? I've seen it and every time I look - I'm still left without an explanation. She did all that with a pencil and eraser? She's amazing - that much is true... Here's a really cool time-lapse video of Kelly drawing a small girl. Who are your favorite Hawaii

Awesome Hawaii Videography:

I'm subscribed to Dan's Maui, Hawaii blog via RSS feed and was looking at some of the videos there this morning. I'm very impressed. If you want to get a good idea what a beach looks like in Maui or anywhere in Hawaii, it's hard to get the big picture from a photo or

Inspirational Photos Index (from my portfolio)

This is my inspirational photos index that I created here in Thailand, (Koh Samui). Hope you enjoy them... Inspirational Photos Index > > Best of Life! Vern

Walking through clouds, Pi Hea Trail, Kauai, Hawaii (Photo and Video)

Hawaii is filled with so many inspiring things to see and to do. Pi Hea Trail, Kauai, Hawaii When I land here and step out of the plane - everything is magic. It's the same every time I return. It's as if I cannot BELIEVE my good fortune to be able to LIVE in this