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UK business owner has fallen in love with Maui and wants to move here. Can she?

I received this very thoughtful email from Victoria and hope the responses help both her and others thinking about moving here. I especially picked her email because he correctly read my 10 steps to finding a job in Hawaii piece before contacting me so I know she's doing a little bit of homework. I'll respond

UK business owner has fallen in love with Maui and wants to move here. Can she?2017-05-18T20:52:40+00:00

Moving to Maui? Go West!

The Napili - Kahana - Honokowai area is a great place to live on Maui. I received a note from a woman that has a pretty good idea what her and her husband want when they move to the island of Maui. Her note is below, and my response is below that. *

Moving to Maui? Go West!2017-05-18T20:52:51+00:00

Moving to Maui (Follow-up)

Kihei, Maui beach with the West Maui Mountains in the distance. Here's a follow-up email to a response I gave a woman I called "Jen" at this post: Couple Thinking of Moving to Islands from Connecticut * * * Peter you're awesome! thanks! I talked it over with my husband and we are

Moving to Maui (Follow-up)2017-05-18T20:52:51+00:00

Moving to Upcountry Maui and Selling Timeshares

Located in the upcountry of Maui near the Haleakala Volcana, the Kula Lavender Farm is one of the most picturesque settings I've ever been to. The upcountry gets a ton of rain, so the place is amazingly green. On top of that, the views from the farm take in the whole western half

Moving to Upcountry Maui and Selling Timeshares2018-12-07T09:56:40+00:00

Moving to Maui with Kids with Asthma

Lana'i island as looking from Maui.From Maui to Lanai Hawaii by Justin De La Ornellas is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original I just got this email not long ago and wanted to respond because I also have had asthma in the past a

Moving to Maui with Kids with Asthma2018-12-07T09:57:13+00:00

Moving to Maui with a Service Dog – Red Tape

Moving to Hawaii with an animal can be an exercise in patience as the following post will show you. David is moving to Maui and taking his dog with him, which he must take, and is trying to find what regulations pertain to him. I comment below his email... *** Aloha - I'm moving to

Moving to Maui with a Service Dog – Red Tape2017-05-18T20:52:54+00:00

Moving to Maui from California?

Here is another email that came in from a woman who was considering moving from California to Hawaii with her husband, after moving there from Ohio a couple years before. She loves California but is thinking - maybe moving to Maui, Hawaii is the next step? It just might be! Here is her

Moving to Maui from California?2017-05-18T20:52:58+00:00