Moving to Oahu

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Moving to Oahu with Dogs

Here is a note from a woman in her early twenties that is considering moving to Oahu, Hawaii with her husband and their dogs and she has some other questions. * * * Hi Vern! I came across your website while 'googling' Hawaii. I've been offered a position to work at the VA in Honolulu.

Moving to North Shore of Oahu?

This is a short note from a woman I'll call "Sandy". I'll respond below her email. * * * Hi my name is Sandy. My husband and I are looking to move to Hawaii in the next year or two. My husband went to college working with computers and I want to go to school

Family with 3 Kids Moving to Honolulu – No Jobs

Many people consider moving to Hawaii, and yet I wonder how many really consider what Oahu is like. There are some amazing places on the island, sure. But, the majority of your experience as a resident of Oahu will be traveling around the city, in traffic, in a place that might be more of a

Moving from Long Beach, California to Oahu, Hawaii

West side of Oahu, Waianae / Makaha. Here is a note I just received from a woman (couple) living in Long Beach, Ca. that are considering relocating due to a job opportunity, and moving to Oahu. * * * Hi Vern, I came across your website about the pros and cons of living

Moving to Waikiki from Southern Florida

The reality of life in Waikiki? Here is a note from Thomas. He is thinking about moving to Hawaii with his wife and young children. * * * Hi Vern, I really enjoyed your 2012 e-book on moving to / living in Hawaii. Just bought it this Christmas weekend and went through it

Moving to Oahu, Working at Hickam AFB

PACAF HQ building, Hickam AFB, Oahu, Hawaii. Photo by expertinfantry at Creative Commons. Here is a note from a guy that is probably moving to Oahu and going to work at Hickam Air Force Base. Just reading the name, Hickam, it brings me back! The Air Force is responsible for my moving