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Moving to Oahu with Dogs

Here is a note from a woman in her early twenties that is considering moving to Oahu, Hawaii with her husband and their dogs and she has some other questions. * * * Hi Vern! I came across your website while 'googling' Hawaii. I've been offered a position to work at the VA in Honolulu.

Moving to North Shore of Oahu?

This is a short note from a woman I'll call "Sandy". I'll respond below her email. * * * Hi my name is Sandy. My husband and I are looking to move to Hawaii in the next year or two. My husband went to college working with computers and I want to go to school

Family with 3 Kids Moving to Honolulu – No Jobs

Many people consider moving to Hawaii, and yet I wonder how many really consider what Oahu is like. There are some amazing places on the island, sure. But, the majority of your experience as a resident of Oahu will be traveling around the city, in traffic, in a place that might be more of a

Moving from Long Beach, California to Oahu, Hawaii

West side of Oahu, Waianae / Makaha. Here is a note I just received from a woman (couple) living in Long Beach, Ca. that are considering relocating due to a job opportunity, and moving to Oahu. * * * Hi Vern, I came across your website about the pros and cons of living

Moving to Waikiki from Southern Florida

The reality of life in Waikiki? Here is a note from Thomas. He is thinking about moving to Hawaii with his wife and young children. * * * Hi Vern, I really enjoyed your 2012 e-book on moving to / living in Hawaii. Just bought it this Christmas weekend and went through it