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How to fly from Hawaii to Japan on Hawaiian Airlines and land in the morning

Old way: fly from Hawaii to Japan and land at night. Apparently if you wanted to fly from Honolulu, Hawaii to Japan on Hawaiian Airlines you ended up landing 9pm or later in Haneda (according to schedules for August 2016) with some flights landing near midnight. Nothing wrong with that of course unless you don't

Flying to Hawaii and Stuck Forever?

There are worse things that could happen - right? A guy had a layover on Oahu where he was then notified he was on the No-Fly List. He wouldn't be permitted to take a plane off the island. Here's the story-> Here's what would get my goat... the man was not told why he was

Flying to Molokai Video

No idea who this is narrating the video, would have been nice to put a credit here - but it isn't in the video. This is a flight from Oahu over to Molokai on a small plane on a very windy day. The winds look severe - 20 knot gusts or so. I've been on

Flying to Hawaii – Tips for a Comfortable Flight

Though it's not a 24-hour flight, like it was for me coming from mainland USA to Thailand, the flight to Hawaii can still be quite long for those not used to being in the air for 5-10 hours at a time. New Jersey's Newark airport has a direct stop that takes about 10 hours straight

Fly Portland Oregon to Maui for JUST $121 One Way

The guys at Beat of Hawaii just posted this: Here’s a great Hawaii travel deal this morning from the Pacific Northwest. This is as cheap as it gets. Also, with limited availability, it’s one where you need to act now or it isn’t going to happen. Cost: $121 each way; $256 round trip, all inclusive

Hawaiian Air Sale on Flights to the Islands - we love them. These guys just scour the net for the best fares to Hawaii and that's the entire focus of their blog. Here are some of the latest fares mentioned there: Las Vegas – Honolulu $222 Los Angeles – Honolulu $222 Oakland – Honolulu $227 Phoenix – Honolulu $207 Portland – Honolulu