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Hawaiian Air Sale on Flights to the Islands - we love them. These guys just scour the net for the best fares to Hawaii and that's the entire focus of their blog. Here are some of the latest fares mentioned there: Las Vegas – Honolulu $222 Los Angeles – Honolulu $222 Oakland – Honolulu $227 Phoenix – Honolulu $207 Portland – Honolulu

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Hawaii Airports and Codes

Did you ever fly into this Maui Airport? Here is a list of  Hawaii airports on the various (main) Hawaiian islands, along with their airport codes you can use when you're planning airline flights to Hawaii. Typically it takes 9 hours from Chicago to Oahu's Honolulu International Airport, and 5.5-6 hours from California.

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California to Honolulu – $120 Each Way – $260 R/T

How's that for cheap fare to Hawaii? Click to see details Want to Move to Hawaii? A new digital book covering moving to the Hawaiian Islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island. Buy below to get any of these formats - PDF, Epub, Amazon Kindle format, LRF (for Sony readers), PDB (Palm Doc).

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Los Angeles to Hawaii: $388

Los Angeles to Honolulu airfares are discounted after high season... $457 is pretty decent, here are the essentials: Travel: October 16 - October 31, 2018 If you don't get these notices in your email you should really join HawaiianMiles notices and want them - join here.

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Hawaii 7 Days and Roundtrip Air for $468?

I got an email from Hawaiian Airlines the other day - will copy/paste it here. They are offering an amazing deal on a 7 day package with air from Los Angeles for just $468. Here's the email. If you have a Hawaiian Airlines frequent flyer membership - or sign up for one I'm sure you

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