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Hawaii snorkeling tips – from a local

Snorkeling is one of our favorite Hawaii outdoor things to do - so here are Hawaii snorkeling tips based on what we've learned in our many years of snorkeling here. Hawaii snorkeling tips #1 - Fins are necessary Most people forget to bring fins when snorkeling because it’s not considered an essential item. Typically only

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Five cautions at beaches in Hawaii you should be aware of

There are cautions at beaches in Hawaii, even though long sandy shores seem harmless and easy. Rough surf and undertows can take a person by surprise and unexpectedly drag them out; fighting a current is futile so you need to know these things before you go.   1. Big surf Beaches that are overlooked by lifeguards

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Picnic at Cromwells Oahu

A picnic at Cromwells Oahu is an awesome idea because Cromwells is an awesome beach. I spent about a third of my summer there this past summer and continue to spend a lot of time there. It’s a great beach that usually has good parking. It doesn’t have long shorelines like Sherwoods does, but I

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Bodysurfing Sherwoods Beach Oahu

Surfing is an iconic part of Hawaii’s facade and that's why bodysurfing Sherwoods Beach Oahu is so much fun. Everyone knows that the best surfing in the world is done in Hawaii where you can surf all year long in warm water, big waves and beautiful scenery. Surfing has been around for a long time

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Bodysurfing Makapuu Beach

Bodysurfing Makapuu Beach will stir you to your soul Surfing and bodysurfing are two of the most iconic sports representing Hawaii. Bodysurfing Makapuu Beach is even more iconic. It’s a great workout and a lot of fun when you’re with friends. If you’ve got a photographer friend with a waterproof camera or a gopro for

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Kayaking in Hawaii to the Mokuleia islands

Great adventure: Kayaking in Hawaii to the Mokuleia islands Lanikai Beach in Kailua on Oahu has a great view of the nearby Mokuleia islands. These two small islands are just a few miles off the shoreline. A lot of people love Kayaking in Hawaii to the Mokuleia islands, and on the weekends it’s like a

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Secluded hipster beaches of the North Shore

The North Shore of O’ahu is one of the most iconic places in the world. Surfers from across the globe flock to Pipeline during the winter months for big swells. Hawaii’s “winter” isn’t really a winter if you look at our average temperatures. The coldest it gets is 75, maybe. However our winters do bring

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Hawaiian Sunsets at China Walls

Nothing beats watching Hawaiian sunsets! Hawaii is known for a lot of things, like our beautiful beaches and scenery, and especially our gorgeous Hawaiian sunsets. Dusk is a special time in Hawaii because temperatures only drop 5 degrees so you’re not freezing like on the mainland and you still get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

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Most Dangerous Beach?

I wrote a story about one time going to a beach which I consider to be Hawaii's most dangerous. Can you guess which it is?  Does this photo give you any clues? Waves don't break like this all over the islands! Three waves breaking at the same time. This is not out of the

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What Is the Most Dangerous Beach in Hawaii?

Waves break here, there, anywhere at Sandy Beach on Oahu! Be very careful on a big day. VERY careful! I haven't seen them all, but I've seen Sandy's. That is enough. From what I've seen and heard about the place... "Sandy Beach on Oahu's Northeast shore is the Most Dangerous Beach in Hawaii!"

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Beautiful and Deadly – Sandy Beach!

Wow, the blues of the water here are just spellbinding. Liquid Avalanche by Floyd Manzano is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from originalI did not spend too many days at Sandy Beach in the water. Not out of the water either really. The sand at the beach hurts

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