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Makapu’u Beach Park as Seen from Makapu’u Cliffs

Shot from the Makapu'u cliffs, I believe. This is showing the water that comes into Makapu'u Beach Park, and Rabbit Island. Super sharp image of the cliffs at Makapu'u and the waters of one of my favorite places to bodyboard on the island of Oahu. Great shot. Great colors. Amazing textures! Thanks Jens!

Makapu’u Beach Park as Seen from Makapu’u Cliffs2017-05-18T20:52:37+00:00

Top 10 Hawaii Beaches for Tourists – Video

This is a video produced by the Travel Channel. In the past, they reviewed their idea of the top 10 beaches of Hawaii. Though I don't necessarily agree on their choices for the best beaches, they do have an excellent video with high quality production. Worth a watch! In the Other Video, they Rate These

Top 10 Hawaii Beaches for Tourists – Video2017-05-18T20:52:49+00:00

Why Live in Hawaii? The Beaches!

At 12 years old, in the middle of the Allegheny Forest in Pennsylvania during deer hunting season, after having sat in the 18 degree freezing air for 12+ hours without seeing my uncles that said they were coming back for me in 4 hours - I realized something. I am not staying in the cold

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Hawaii Beaches

Some of Hawaii's best, most visited beaches - along with some that are usually empty and you'll have the entire beach to yourself!

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The Ultimate Hawaii Beach?

Living in the Hawaiian islands for six years I've visited my fair share of Hawaii beaches but today I asked myself a question - Which is the Ultimate Hawaii Beach? The ultimate beach in Hawaii would have it all - and would fit all sorts of people. You could take whoever you have visiting to

The Ultimate Hawaii Beach?2017-05-18T20:53:10+00:00