Golfing in Hawaii

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Golfing on Kauai

Golfing on Kauai Island. Image credit: Ankarino at Creative Commons. Golf on Kauai Kauai is a great choice of destination for golf lovers who want to experience playing a few rounds of golf on a tropical island. The more exclusive golf courses can be quite expensive, but it is possible to hit

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Golfing on Molokai and Lanai

Golfing on Lanai Island. Copyright Taylorandayumi at Creative Commons. Golfing on Molokai and Lanai There is a sense of exclusivity when you arrive on either of these two islands because you are off the beaten track. You can expect a friendly welcome and the chance to enjoy some amazing scenery while playing

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Golfing – Oahu, Hawaii

Kailua side of the Ko'Olau mountain chain on the windward side of Oahu Island. Paradise! Photo by Rob-Wei on (click to enlarge) Golfing on Oahu is about what you'd expect - awesome. One of the most impressive things about golf on Oahu is that there are just so many courses to choose

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Golfing – Maui, Hawaii

Amazing Maui morning. Photo - soham_pablo at Creative Commons. Playing golf on Maui is sure to be an unforgettable and almost surreal experience. Some of the most prestigious courses in the world are to be found here, and it just sounds impressive to say you have played golf on this Hawaiian Island

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Golfing – Big Island Hawaii

Mauna Kea's 3rd Hole! Photo - TaylorandYumi at Creative Commons. Golfing on the Big Island of Hawaii is some of the best in the world. Big Island is the number one destination in Hawaii for enthusiasts in this sport. Some of the most beautiful courses on the planet are to be found

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