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Our 4 Favorite East Oahu Neighborhoods

Our Favorite East Oahu Neighborhood #1: Hawaii Kai Hawaii Kai is a residential area with many homes, townhomes and some condominium buildings.  Although there are some high rises in this area, it’s not like the Waikiki area or your typical urban neighborhood. Hawaii Kai is home to young families, and retirement age groups.  There are

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Why many think Oahu is the ideal Hawaiian island

Why Oahu is the ideal Hawaiian Island Reason #1: Mountains Everywhere I have many reasons why I believe Oahu is the ideal Hawaiian island. All neighborhoods and suburban clusters on O’ahu are within a close range of mountains. The two mountain ranges on O’ahu are the Ko’olaus and the Waianae ranges. The Waianae is on

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Hawaii snorkeling tips – from a local

Snorkeling is one of our favorite Hawaii outdoor things to do - so here are Hawaii snorkeling tips based on what we've learned in our many years of snorkeling here. Hawaii snorkeling tips #1 - Fins are necessary Most people forget to bring fins when snorkeling because it’s not considered an essential item. Typically only

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Five things we like about Honolulu

If you ask a local about the things we like about Honolulu, we'll list really simple things like our Asian food and aloha fridays. Nothing beats spam musubis for lunch!  Aloha Fridays Fridays are revered in Hawaii. Everyone is so excited that it’s Friday, we named it aloha Friday. “Aloha” means love or welcome in

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Our favorite places to visit in Hawaii

Some of our favorite places to visit in Hawaii offer a variety of scenery like long beautiful drives and beautiful shorelines. There’s so many gorgeous views that you can admire with your windows rolled down. The North Shore of Oahu Hawaii by Brent is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Image may have been resized

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Kuliouou Ridge Hike

The Kuliouou Ridge Trail can be long and challenging (at least I thought so.) Some people will say this hike was easy but I’m a pretty experienced hiker and I thought this was a lengthy hike. It was long and most of it was uphill. However, the view at the top was incredible and that’s

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Waahila Ridge Hike

Waahila Ridge hike is really simple. I did the Waahila Ridge hike with my dog and my dad in the summer before I left for college and really enjoyed it. My dad actually took me on this hike with my little sister when we were younger, around 6 years old. We hated it. I recall

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Likeke Falls Hike

Hiking Likeke Falls Hike on Oahu I’ve already said this before and I will say it again, waterfall hikes are the absolute best Likeke Falls Hike is definitely one for your list. They are at the top of my list and I absolutely love them doing them. Yes, waterfall hikes do get a little muddy

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