Surfing during your Hawaiian vacation

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Bodysurfing Sherwoods Beach Oahu

Surfing is an iconic part of Hawaii’s facade and that's why bodysurfing Sherwoods Beach Oahu is so much fun. Everyone knows that the best surfing in the world is done in Hawaii where you can surf all year long in warm water, big waves and beautiful scenery. Surfing has been around for a long time

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Bodysurfing Makapuu Beach

Bodysurfing Makapuu Beach will stir you to your soul Surfing and bodysurfing are two of the most iconic sports representing Hawaii. Bodysurfing Makapuu Beach is even more iconic. It’s a great workout and a lot of fun when you’re with friends. If you’ve got a photographer friend with a waterproof camera or a gopro for

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My 2 Near-Death Bodyboarding Experiences in Oahu Hawaii’s Big Surf

I'm not a dangerous person. I don't consider myself a 'thrill seeker' by the usual definition. But, that said, I have had a few times that I've almost died while trying to enjoy this crazy thing called "Life". This is a post about two such near death experiences that happened in the Pacific ocean while

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Mike Coots STOKED – Surfing on a New Leg

A shark took part of Mike Coots' leg, but that didn't stop him from getting out there in the line-up! Here he is showing off a new carbon fiber leg that has made all the difference. In 1997 at seventeen years of age, Mike was surfing off the amazing and beautiful Hawaiian Island of Kauai

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Surfing in Hawaii – Why Is Surfing Fun?

The Good Life. Hawaii surfers. Copyright Amanda at Creative Commons. Surfing in Hawaii is one of the ultimate past times for locals and visitors alike. Hawaii just happens to have some of the world's funnest surf, so it's little wonder why so many people spend so much time in the water. Why

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Best Big Wave Video – Ever

Big waves are nothing to play with. I learned that when I tried to go from 6 footers to 12, and 15-20 feet waves showed up in a killer set and wrecked me. Though I've caught some amazing big waves before, the kind that are huge - 10+ feet and break slowly (so I can

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