Surfing during your Hawaiian vacation

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Retro Surfing – Honolua Bay, Maui – 1963

This video is from three years before I was born, guys riding easy 2 foot surf at one of my favorite places in the world to surf and bodyboard - Honolua Bay, Maui, Hawaii. Honolua Bay is located on the northwestern tip of Maui island, and it's a great place for a number of things.

Burning Up the Waves – Video

Just when you thought it was getting a little boring to watch surfers go back and forth doing the same moves over and over, every competition the same... Someone cranks it up a notch. I did some midnight bodyboarding while completely smashed in 3-5 foot surf at Bellow Beach, Oahu as we stayed in a

Oahu’s Amazing Surf – Great for Infants Too! (Video)

Surf on Oahu is the best I've ever known. I couldn't imagine that it is better, more consistent somewhere else on this blue planet. Maui, Big Island, Kauai and all the Hawaiian islands have great surf... but, I think nothing beats Oahu for consistency and the number of great breaking wave spots around the island.

Make Yourself Into a Surfboard: Bodysurfing!

Oahu, and the other Hawaiian islands have amazing and almost non-stop wave-action going on. Waves are nearly continually breaking somewhere on each island. For the first year and a half or so I only bodyboarded. Bodyboarding was the biggest rush once I learned how to ride 4+ foot waves. I had heard about bodysurfing but

Amazing Experience for Anyone in the Ocean: Bodyboarding!

I was lucky enough to be sent to the island of Oahu during my tour of 'duty' in the US Air Force at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii. The most fun physically that I've ever had is a 'sport' or recreational hobby called, "bodyboarding". A bodyboard is like a small surf board. It