Water activities in Hawaii

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Bodysurfing Sherwoods Beach Oahu

Surfing is an iconic part of Hawaii’s facade and that's why bodysurfing Sherwoods Beach Oahu is so much fun. Everyone knows that the best surfing in the world is done in Hawaii where you can surf all year long in warm water, big waves and beautiful scenery. Surfing has been around for a long time

Bodysurfing Makapuu Beach

Bodysurfing Makapuu Beach will stir you to your soul Surfing and bodysurfing are two of the most iconic sports representing Hawaii. Bodysurfing Makapuu Beach is even more iconic. It’s a great workout and a lot of fun when you’re with friends. If you’ve got a photographer friend with a waterproof camera or a gopro for

Hawaii’s Amazing Coral Reef – Molokai, Hawaii

Yes, it is that beautiful in real life! This color-filled shot of the reef beneath the Pacific Ocean was taken of Kawela Beach Park Molokai Hawaii (Maui County) by Patrick McNally at Flickr.com Creative Commons. This is a really lovely shot because the colors are dreamy pastels, the light is perfect on the

Hawaii Waterfall High Definition Image

Jens Karlsson at Flickr Creative Commons took this amazing photographic shot of a very high waterfall in Hawaii nestled between some volcanic cliffs covered with lush greenery. Not sure where this was taken, it could have been any of the main Hawaiian Islands. When I say repeatedly on this site that visiting Hawaii is a