Most Dangerous Beach?

I wrote a story about one time going to a beach which I consider to be Hawaii's most dangerous. Can you guess which it is?  Does this photo give you any clues? Waves don't break like this all over the islands! Three waves breaking at the same time. This is not out of the

Fatal Maui Shark Attack South of Kihei and Wailea

A shark has just caused Hawaii's first shark fatality for the year on the island of Maui. The attack happened south of Wailea and Makena beaches at the amazing snorkeling spot - Kanahena Cove, part of Ahi'i Kinau Natural Reserve. Google map of Kihei, Maui area where shark attack occurred. A 65-year-old woman

Missing Persons in Hawaii – Big Island

Damon Tucker has a popular page over at his website DamonTucker.com where he lists missing persons on the Big Island. This is one topic that really hits me hard, and I hope to never experience anything like this for a member of my family or my friends. If you live on the Big Island of

Are There Bugs in Hawaii?

Sure there are bugs! There are good bugs and bad bugs. Luckily Hawaii doesn't have too many bad insects and other creepy crawlies to be aware of, but there are some. Surprisingly, or not, there are a lot of people that are deathly afraid of bugs - even those that can't really cause much grief.

TSUNAMI WARNING – All of Hawaii (10:28 PM Expected Arrival)

A major 7.7 earthquake in British Columbia, Northeastern Canada has triggered a possible tsunami wave that will be making it's way to Hawaii at nearly 600 MPH. Clear the coastal areas. Some reports have the waves at around 6 feet. Some say there will be 6 inch ripples. You never know, it's not an exact