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Hiking in Hawaii – Amazing Oahu Video

Hiking Oahu, Hawaii to connect to the Haiku Stairs from the Kulana'ahane Trail on the windward side.

Hiking Oahu, Hawaii to connect to the Haiku Stairs from the Kulana’ahane Trail on the windward side.

I was looking through Hawaii hiking videos on Youtube and was lucky to find this one. Here are some guys taking one trail and connecting with the Haiku Stairs trail, “Stairway to Heaven” trail. It looks pretty treacherous. I’m not sure I’d want to be climbing this Kulana’ahane trail that requires all the ropes, but I’m more sure that I don’t want to be living below at the base of the mountain. One little pebble hits a little bigger pebble… and so on.

About the author: Moving to Hawaii was one of the most amazing moves ever. I strongly encourage you to consider it if you’re in the financial position to make it work. Living in Hawaii has a fair bit of both positive and negative experiences awaiting each of us who give it a try. Read some of the articles here and try to get a feel for whether you might thrive in the islands. I wrote an entire book on the subject and it’s usually less than $5. It’s up there on the right side column. Best of luck and life to you! Aloha! – Vern L.

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