Selling hundreds of copies per month at Amazon, available below... for $2.99 in any format you require.

Selling hundreds of copies per month at Amazon, available below for under $5 in any format you require.

This ebook outlines a very simple way to begin meditating, without expectations. It also has a number of full-color digital images taken in Thailand.

I decided to make this course after coming to the realization that religion is not necessary for meditation. One need not follow Buddhist rules in order to meditate and reach higher consciousness.

In fact, following hundreds of rules and having many expectations about the process is actually stopping many people from having great experiences while meditating! That is one of my strong beliefs about it.

I tried meditation loosely based on “Vipassana” style. I focused on my breath and that was it. Once the mind stopped I let the mind stay in that state. No need to focus on breath, mantras, glowing lights, or anything else that others will tell you to focus on. Just sit with a blank mind and watch what happens.

I hope you enjoy this book, it is a very simple step-by-step method to relaxation and the higher states of consciousness known to Buddhists as “Jhana”.

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Vern L.