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Craigslist is an amazing tool for helping us find jobs in the islands, but, there is a problem with using it that many people aren’t aware of. I’ll show you what I mean.

Take a look at the home page for Hawaii Craigslist ( See all the job categories on the right side? If I were looking for a job, doing what I do – internet marketing, content management, and website development there are a handful of categories jobs might be listed for me.

Jobs I’m qualified for could be under any of these categories:

  • customer service
  • internet engineers
  • marketing / pr / ad
  • nonprofit sector
  • retail / wholesale
  • systems / network
  • web / info design
  • ETC
  • part-time
  • gigs

Or, worse, someone could put the perfect job for me under the wrong category altogether just as a mistake.

Whatever jobs you’re qualified for, you can bet that job listers could choose from a number of categories to place the job under. Don’t leave it to chance.

Instead of browsing jobs by category at Craigslist Hawaii, either go setup RSS feeds like I show you how to here, or, click the “jobs” meta category at the top of the list at Craigs website, and look through all jobs to make sure you’re not missing something crucial.

Personally, I like the RSS feeds, but there IS something to be said for looking at the complete list of jobs that were posted on Craigslist every day because you KNOW you’re not missing anything. When you setup RSS feeds you are searching by keywords, so, if you don’t use the same keyword to describe what you do as the person listing the job – well, you might miss each other. Not ideal. If you do use RSS queries, use very general keywords so you get more hits than you would with very specific keywords.

Here are two other ways to use Craigslist to help you find employment in Hawaii:

RSS feeds for Craigslist



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