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Are you a Social Media Specialist that wants to work on Oahu, Hawaii?

There are plenty of companies making big money on the Hawaiian Islands. Hotels and resorts, travel companies, and more. Many companies need social media experts to run their online campaigns. If you’ve wanted to go to Oahu and work in social media, but couldn’t find a job – here’s one just listed. Check it out and see if you qualify.

Thing is – you need not get this job… there are others. I just wanted to show you that decent jobs exist in Hawaii, but many times the company hiring won’t put the salary. This one shows you you can have $50K, and probably more. To be honest – $50K is probably fair for this job, but, you could take it with the agreed upon rate increase to $55K in 6 months and $60K in a year. Make sure to ask what their cap is for the position, so you don’t think you’ll be making $80K in two years, when it caps out at $60K.

Here is the ad from Craigslist:

Looking for someone to head up our social media initiatives.

Candidate must have a extensive knowledge of:
– Pintrest
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Tumblr
– Linkedin
– and other social media tools
– Local news media knowledge a plus

Skills for ideal candidate:
– Disciplined and efficient work ethic, be comfortable with small to medium-sized web projects.
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills
– Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills
– Self-starter who requires little supervision or direction
– Good time management, multi-tasking and prioritization skills
– Ability to complete project on deadlines.
– Good customer service skills
– Ability to problem solve

The candidate should possess demonstrated online skills, and be able to work well with others to meet the needs of a progressive media company.

  • Location: Honolulu
  • Compensation: $50,000 or send us your salary requirements

Here is the link to the actual posting – I won’t make it live, because when CL retires the link – it will go dead, and dead links are not good for anybody later. Just copy/paste this into your browser:


Best of luck and life!




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