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If you’re serious about living in Hawaii, it almost goes without saying that you need to come out here for a visit first. But because Hawaii is a fabulous visitor destination, chances are you’ll have a fantastic time but won’t get the reality of what it’s like to live here. I’m going to fix that by creating a tour that’s designed to give you a “simulation” of what it’s like to live in Hawaii.  There’s nothing else like it.

Since this tour is for you, I need you to tell me what appeals to you in this survey form below and make sure you give me your ideas in the comments. We will add you to our newsletter and when the tour is ready to go I’ll let you know!

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About the Author:

I’ve lived Hawaii since the mid ‘80s when I moved here at the age of 21. I arrived site-unseen in Honolulu with zero contacts and about $5k in savings. I worked from nearly zero and today Hawaii has given me the greatest gifts in the world in all aspects: spiritually, financially, romantically (married since early ‘90s w/ 2 children), and most important, peace. My goal with this site is to share the magic of this Land of Aloha and help others who are on a similar quest.

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