Magic at Makapuu in the Morning

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Hawaii is full of magic moments and one morning I had this one which begged to be shared. I made a short video about it. Let me know what you think!


About the Author:

I’ve lived Hawaii since the mid ‘80s when I moved here at the age of 21. I arrived site-unseen in Honolulu with zero contacts and about $5k in savings. I worked from nearly zero and today Hawaii has given me the greatest gifts in the world in all aspects: spiritually, financially, romantically (married since early ‘90s w/ 2 children), and most important, peace. My goal with this site is to share the magic of this Land of Aloha and help others who are on a similar quest.


  1. Christine M McCorkle 04/06/2018 at 8:57 am - Reply

    yes I want to live in Hawaii. Is there fear with the volcano’s erupting? How expensive is it to travel from island to island? And what is an estimate on traveling to mainland?

  2. Dennis DiPietrantonio 03/27/2018 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater!…just kidding man. I have dreamed of just visiting Hawaii, just to see, hear and smell…taste the Islands of Aloha, for 17 years!!! Help me get there please, pretty please. Thanks. Dennis Wayne D.

    • Peter Kay 03/27/2018 at 6:08 pm - Reply

      Will do! Make sure you’ve subscribed to the newsletter we I give links for people to get on the list of the jobs program I’m starting!

  3. Jean Hall 03/12/2018 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    Just joined/subscribed to your website. Been to Maui 10 times and returning for 11th this June. Plans are to move in 2 years. Took the quiz and was the fork in the road…..but I know which direction to take. I will be watching these videos more than once and taking notes. The only concern we have is bringing our dog. Keep hearing it is hard to find a place to rent that accepts dogs. Appreciate any guidance. Mahalo!

    • Peter Kay 03/12/2018 at 4:59 pm - Reply

      Excellent. Stay tuned! Yes dogs can be problematic but the good news is that people here love their pooches. So it’s going to be a matter of doing the homework.

  4. Will Donovan 03/07/2018 at 6:54 am - Reply

    Great, succient and to the ‘Heart of the Matter’, Hawaii encompasses the essence that’s good, kind and loving in all mankind: Regardless of race, culture or creed!

  5. Ken Brown 03/06/2018 at 3:38 pm - Reply

    Peter, always enjoy your videos and your love for Hawaii. My wife and I have visited several times and have fallen in love with it as well. We have been planning planning planning, saving saving saving and will be moving to the Big Island in approximately 12 months. We are both very active and are looking forward to a new life in paradise. Thanks you for all your sharing.
    Ken from Washington State

    • Peter Kay 03/06/2018 at 5:19 pm - Reply

      Excellent! Thanks for your kind words. Make sure you take the survey that’s in the email newsletter as I’m going to be making a pretty big announcement soon about a formal program to help people move to Hawaii.

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