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Amazing Hawaii Blowhole Cliffdiver


Blowholes usually eject (spray) a lot of water out of a small crack in the lava, the one in this video isn’t doing that. These blowhole pictures show what blowholes are known for…

Photo credit: Nakalele Blowhole, west side Maui. Flickr.com user: tomeppy at Creative Commons.

(Photo credit: Hawaii Blowhole. Flickr.com user: ewen and donabel at Creative Commons.)

Some people die each year at one of the blowhole locations in Hawaii. Usually people get caught unaware by the force of a large surge of water out of the hole, get knocked off-balance and fall into the blowhole – sometimes head first. Be careful when you go to check them out – they’re great fun – but can be really dangerous too.

Some Blowhole locations:

Oahu – close to Sandy Beach.
Maui – west side, past Kahana, near rock stacking location.
Big Island – South Point
Kauai – Spouting Horn

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  • Kainoa09

    Yea, alot of people visit our islands and check out places like blow hole. What you all need to realize is that you do so at your own risk. When you go too close and fall in and get hurt or die, don’t sue the state cause there were no signs warning people of the danger. Let’s see, tall cliffs, big ocean, big waves……. I don’t know, could be dangerous. You don’t need a sign for common sense. Use it!

    Further more, often times, signs don’t work. I’ve seen time and time again tourist cross over a wall and walk right pass signs clearly saying “NO PEDESTRIANS BEYOND THIS POINT.”. But you think it matters? NO. They walk right pass the signs totally ignoring the warning to walk down to the reefs below.

    Use your heads people. Just cause you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your common sense has to be. Stop bringing law suits against the state for your own stupidity. We, the Hawaiian citizens pay for your mistakes.

    • Haha! “Could be dangerous…” yes, well put. Unfortunately accidents happen a lot and then the attractions are closed up and nobody can enjoy them anymore. Ours is a litigious culture for sure – and people sue for anything, even when not using their common sense and getting hurt for it… must be someone else’s fault. Just part of why I’ve lived in Thailand for 6 years.

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