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Here is a page of links for other Hawaii-focused sites that I’ve used and had recommended to me in the past from people I trust. Your experience may vary, but probably you’ll like them too!

Oahu Farmers’ Markets List – because everyone needs to get fresh fruits and vegetables in Hawaii, and pay as little for them as possible. Buy island grown foods!

Maui Vacations – Reviews and photos of Maui hotels, condos, restaurants, sights, and activities.

Kahuku Superette – Never thought I’d link to a supermarket’s FB page, but then again I never thought I’d have Ahi Poke as good as this place makes it. I was a regular there every week – rain or shine, for over a year. Awesome limu and shoyu poke!


Other Top Articles About Hawaii (NY Times; Wiki; Travel & Leisure):

Okeeffe’s Hawaii – (NY Times)
Hawaii on a Dime – Keeping cash in your pocket while visiting the islands (NYT)
Slideshow – On Big Island and Kauai without a Big Budget (NYT)
Molokai, Hawaii – A land faithful to its roots (NYT)
Family Visits Molokai Ranch – (NYT)
Secluded Molokai – (NYT)

Hawaii’s Food Revolution – (Travel and Leisure)

Wikipedia’s Hawaii – filled with info, of course!


  1. Hoyt Olsen 11/16/2018 at 2:35 pm - Reply


    My name is Hoyt Olsen. My heart has been pining for Hawaii since the early 80s. A dear mentor lived in Honolulu for a few years and shared the wonder and amazement of Hawaii with me. Life kinda kept me busy for forty some odd years but now it’s my turn.

    I subscribe to this web site and I watch/listen to your U-tube Hawaii tours. I gladly accept your invitation to work together to get my poor decrepit personage to paradise. I will live in Hawaii.

    I am most displeased with the manner in which I live. Similar to the Hawaiian peoples, I have acquiesced to our rotten institutions cramming, never ending, and ever changing rules down our throats. The strain of providing a decent life for my family has wracked and twisted my body. Now, nobody has any use for me. Children grown and so absorbed in providing for their families that dad is a burden.

    Sadly, I have become a most cynical individual and I don’t like that. I have adapted to a hostile environment and it is eroding my true nature. If I don’t make it to Hawaii and feel some Aloha I will be very sad indeed. I fear I may not remain a whole person if I have to endure to the end.

    Surfing and Fishing any time I want til I croak is my life dream; My body is broken and swimming is a therapy I enjoy. To swim in the warm salt water is a blessing. I body surf and sometimes bodyboard if I’m feeling it. I love working with the Earth and I can grow anything I put my mind to. Usually with great success. And my passion for fishing is very special to me. These things sustain me.

    Presently, I do these things in So. California but the weather and water temps keep me to about 100 days a year for the things that make me whole and happy. I need, desperately, to change how i live my life or i will suffer greatly.

    Spirituality is a priority. Immersing myself in the Hawaiian culture is most certainly a path to restore my humanity. Yoga is important to people with my condition. I need to be nice to my body. I do not take any narcotics. I do not want another surgery. I deal with pain in other ways and Hawaii would be the perfect place to practice my pain relieving techniques. I want to explore the world God gave us.

    I am an open, caring and faithful individual. That is a weakness that people of the mainland will eventually exploit. Never fails. Hence the cynicism. I can only change or control me. So I choose to remove myself from this equation. Aloha is an interesting concept. It sounds like another name for my character and it’s embedded in society. Where do I sign up.

    Go ye forth voyager to seek and find,


    • Peter Kay 11/17/2018 at 1:02 am - Reply

      Great comment! Subscribe to the newsletter and stay tuned!

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