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The weather is so nice, you'll just want to drink mimosas on the beach all day long!

What about the Weather in Hawaii?

If it isn’t obvious already, the weather in Hawaii really is gorgeous. Because of our position near the equator, the average temperature bounces between 75 and 80 year-round. Summer times are moderate when compared to desert environments. The heat in the islands is a humid heat, not an arid one. However, the trade winds blowing through the islands are key to maintaining that moderate island temperature we all love. The trade winds blow towards the equator from the northeast. Wind chill isn’t a thing here. If anything, the wind is welcomed because it cools off the islands. In times when the trade winds aren’t blowing, we instead get a “kona wind” which blows from the south. With this, it also blows volcanic smoke from the big island and can get uncomfortable. However, this is not a regular happening and when it does occur, only lasts for a day or so.

Stunning evenings is why we love the weather in Hawaii

Hawaii really does have some stunning evenings. The evenings cool off and you can comfortably wear a t shirt and shorts while watching the sunset. You won’t freeze during the winter months. It’s still warm, even at night. You can watch the stars at 9 o’clock at night in shorts. Our nights are cool, but not cold. Summer nights are typically more hot than the winter months, and that’s probably because the humidity sticks around for longer in the summer. However, nonetheless, evenings in Hawaii are really actually stunning. The sunsets are gorgeous to watch, and the stars at night are beautiful. However, you’ll have to head out of the city because there is a significant light pollution effect because the cities in Hawaii are pretty packed.

weather in hawaii

Hawaiian sunsets are breathtaking.

Perfect temperature is why we love the weather in Hawaii

In Hawaii, you won’t have to come home to a freezing house at night and put on your sweatpants and sweatshirts. I don’t think I owned a sweatshirt until I moved to Nevada for school. Also, I only owned one pair of leggings and two pairs of jeans, just to show you how accustomed I was to that perfect warm Hawaiian temperature all year long! If you’re coming from the mainland, it’ll be easy to adjust to the weather here! But, if you’re moving to the mainland from the islands, be prepared! Another thing about living in the perfect temperature is the fact that you’ll never have to worry about dangerous road conditions. For example, we don’t get ice or snow on our roads, so you won’t need an all wheel drive vehicle to maneuver around town. Flooding from rainwater during the spring months has been an issue every few years or so, but nothing too threatening.  

weather in hawaii

It’s always the perfect temperature all year long.

Sleeping with the windows down all year long  is why we love the weather in Hawaii

It’s really nice to sleep with the windows down and not have to use a heating system to keep you warm in January at night. You can have the wind blowing through your bedroom and not worry about the wind chill keeping your family up at night. Because the nights are cool in the summer, you also won’t have to worry about using a central cooling system to cool the house off. Although there will be those nights when it’s just way to hot, it would be nice to have an A/C system just in case. There will definitely be those nights, but they’re not a regularity. It’s a different feeling when you get to fall asleep the wind from outside with the windows open.  

weather in hawaii

This is us on a cruise in January, outside!

Shorts and t-shirt year round is why we love the weather in Hawaii

Although those living in colder climates may say “the cold isn’t that bad,” that may only be because there’s no comparison to anything else.  For example, if you grew up in Hawaii and then moved to a colder environment, you would notice the difference. But, if you grew up in a cold place and never experienced warm weather year round, you couldn’t highlight the difference.  See what I mean? And I’m not talking about taking a warm vacation to Hawaii once, during the summer, I’m talking about experiencing a full 365 days of warm weather without having to put a coat on once. It’s a luxury to wear shorts and a t shirt year round, let me tell you.  You’re not spending as much on winter coats, but now focusing on bikinis and shorts. Although one could argue your costs are going to balance out given the high real estate here in the islands, if you have a higher value on warm weather, you’ll still come out ahead.

The gift of tradewinds is why we love the weather in Hawaii

Tradewinds are a unique set of winds in the Hawaiian islands.  They blow towards the equator from the Northeast and provide the islands with a constant breeze.  It’s what keeps the islands from being too hot to handle! The breezes can especially be felt on the beaches because when you’re soaking up the sun, the breezes come in to cool you off!  There are certain days that the Tradewinds aren’t flowing, but these are uncommon. These days are “Kona wind” days in which the wind comes up from the south towards the equator, carrying vog from Kona on the big island. This fills the air over Hawaii with a thick vog that can be unpleasant.  That’s when we get that AC going! The Tradewinds are unique in that they are relatively constant compared to other places in the world that have sporadic winds.

weather in hawaii

You’ll be taking pictures of these mid-February.

Daylight doesn’t change that much during the year  is why we love the weather in Hawaii

Daylight savings time doesn’t exist in Hawaii.  We don’t adjust our clocks based on the seasons because we don’t lose much daylight with the changing of the seasons.  For example, in Reno, we’ll lose almost 2 hours of daylight during the winter months, prompting an early sunset and a shorter day.  In Hawai, we’ll lose about an hour. So instead of adjusting our clocks, we leave them as is. It’s not a big difference anyway. Because of this relatively constant stream of daylight, we have more time to spend outside, go to the beach, and surf!

Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle

Outdoor sports happen year-round, paddling is one of the common ones.

No winter clothes is why we love the weather in Hawaii

Toss out your winter coats before moving here, it’ll just take up room in your luggage! I’m serious – you won’t need them here, at all. Leather boots, UGGs, or long sweaters aren’t found here. No one wears them. I remember I had one pair of leggings and jeans before moving to Nevada. Leggings and jeans can be uncomfortable if worn throughout the entire day here in Hawaii, unless you’re in the office for the day in an AC environment. I never owned a beanie, scarf or pair of gloves until I moved to Nevada as well. You don’t need any of those in Hawaii! You’ll just end up sweating uncomfortably and not to mention, people will stare at you. Another thing you won’t see in Hawaii, particularly not on our college campuses are the typical “frat shoe,” Sperry’s. They’re made of a moccasin material and are very durable, fashionable, expensive shoes. Many UNR students wear them in the winter months. In Hawaii, if you wore those, you’d be uncomfortable. Everyone wears rubbah slippahs here in the islands!

clothing in Hawaii

This is what comes up when you search for “homeless hawaiian sandals,” available at palihawaiiansandals.com!

No space heaters is why we love the weather in Hawaii

There are no central heating systems in Hawaii nor will you see any space heaters in office or home environments. It’s a waste of an investment. However, people transfer their money to an investment towards a central cooling system instead. During the summer months it can get pretty warm, and humid. Because of this, having an AC unit in your home can be convenient for after you get home from the beach. Although the hottest it will get in the summer is probably 90 degrees, the humidity can make it feel unpleasant at times. It varies each year as to how intense the humidity is. The lack of space heaters is just another reminder of how warm and welcoming Hawaii’s weather is for its inhabitants.


The only space heater you’ll have is your dog.


  1. Crystal and nalu 09/05/2018 at 2:23 pm - Reply

    Yeah ! My dog can’t wait to be my space heater ! I think so cal is to cold a lot of the year and always at night ! People think I’m crazy ! That is my me and nalu are moving to Hawaii ! Love this article ! And I hate day light savings what is the point !

  2. David King 09/05/2018 at 6:58 am - Reply

    Aloha! I lived on Oahu from 1988 to 1996, serving in the military for 6 years, then married to a local girl there for 2 years.

    I think that you forgot to mention just how important the Hawaiian weather is as a good reason to move to Hawaii.

    In the mainland, pretty much anywhere, life goes like this: freezing cold winters=stay inside. Scorching hot summers= stay inside. A month in the spring and fall is bearable, otherwise, the ritual is go from climate controlled building to climate controlled car, to climate controlled building 10 months out of the year.

    Not so in the Islands. The first thing a newcomer will notice when they land in the Aloha State, is how everyone is outdoors, all the time.

    Islanders celebrate every occasion (birthday parties, weddings, etc.) Outdoors. People walk, jog, and ride bicycles everywhere. That’s a big deal and one reason Islanders are so daggum healthy.

    The tradewinds keep most bugs at bay too!

    One last thing, but super important. Newcomers need to realize that Hawaii lies near the equator. The sun is brighter and more intense than petty much anywhere else on earth.

    High quality polarized sunglasses and high rating sunscreen products are an absolute must!!



    • Peter Kay 09/05/2018 at 7:02 am - Reply

      Mahalo Dave for adding that! Couldn’t agree more!

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